Saturday, October 9, 2010

More places I suddenly don't feel like shopping

Fred's Flowers and Plants, Leucadia


  1. From Kathleen
    WC, that's my car at Fred's. I stopped to ask him if Tony and Teresa could also put up a sign and he said yes. I didn't have any with me but will get them up by tomorrow afternoon.
    Also, the big signs that were at the Lumberyard are down. Gaspar and Dalager did not have permission from Cornerstone Management to put them up. The property management company said they have a policy of no political signs on their properties. They also asked to be notified if any more go up.
    The Gaspar and Dalager signs on the corner of PCH and La Costa are on the Surfers Point Property. The phone number on the sign is no longer in service. The signs at 1950 PCH are on property believed to now be owned by La Costa Resorts. We will have to contact them to see if they do indeed own the property and if they would allow other candidates to post signs.
    kathleen 2

  2. What a coincidence, Kathleen. I noticed the Barth sticker on your car and was going to comment on it.

    Thanks for the info on all these signs and properties. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

  3. Boycott "Concepts" at 215 D St. - Dalager supporters.