Monday, October 10, 2011

EUSD Superintendent Tim Baird sues Encinitas

How's this for a Friday afternoon news dump?

EUSD Superintendent Tim Baird, who recently got Encinitans to take on 30 years of debt so he could give iPads to 4th graders, is now suing the city of Encinitas because the council won't upzone Pacific View to turn it into high-density condos and maximize the school district's profit on the sale.

Baird thinks state law requires cities to upzone properties to match the surrounding neighborhood (i.e. from public use to high-density residential). The council thinks it's not that clear-cut. Unfortunately, the city's attorney is Glen Sabine, the genius responsible for both the Barth harassment debacle and the road report fiasco.

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  1. In one year ALL of the executive staff has abandoned the Superintendent because of his questionable operational style. Now, they have misspent so much Prop P money that the solar panels are out!

    Senior teaching staff is also heading for the hills because the EUSD board is only interested in one thing; making money from the development of Pacific View.

    No EIR is required of the out-of-towners that are going to grow organic groceries along Quail Garden's Drive on property only zoned for an elementary school. The City Staff knows that the district is allowing this group to begin operating on this property illegally but Planning Staff is too chicken to stop Baird.

    When the folks living in Encinitas Ranch get a load of the farmer who is going to operate on the ill-gotten grounds, all hell is going to break loose.

    Oh, we forgot, several of the EUSD schools are on double double suspension and are close to being taken over by the State. Bad reading scores: YES, in Encinitas.

    The City can and should stop the EUSD group from defiling the Quail Gardens property, but they are too busy trying to assist Baird in getting rid of Pacific View so they can turn their eyes back to the Hall property.

    What a mess; shame on EUSD and shame on the City Planners and their bosses.

    No one has EVER asked the district to see a professional appraisal; WHY? Because then we'd all know the property is worth less than 2 million.

    No one at the City has ever asked to see an appraisal.

    Ask yourself 'WHY?'

    The City will cave to EUSD: not because they cannot win in court, they can. But because they want a downtown property that could accommodate the mixed use growth currently designated for El Camino real to be built downtown.

  2. If Glenn Sabine is involved you can be certain that the city will lose and it will cost the taxpayers plenty.

  3. Baird is a douche, and Sabine works for developers, the EUSD, and everyone else with the exception of Encinitas citizens. Either he or Ms. Jennifer Smith should resign from one of their 6-figure salaries and move on. The conflict of intererst with Glenn Sabine is unbeleivable! I am ashamed that anyone would even let him into law school, he is so inferior!

  4. Due diligence is lacking on the part of the city for not requesting an appraisal on this parcel; only then can it be determined whether acquisition is feasible. If the voters can approval a $44 million measure for funding of the school district that is being squandered, they are likely to approve of a bond measure to purchase this unique property that will have permanent long term value to the community. Important decisions in Encinitas have been decided by too few people with conflicts of interest for too long. $abine needs to be replaced - he cannot impartially represent the city on this issue, as it is readily apparent in which 'camp' he resides.

  5. Barth & Houlihan tried twice to have Pacific View appraised. Stocks & Bond said no. First time Dalager recused himself because he owns property across the street the second time Gaspar recused herself because she is ducking the issue. 2-2 vote ment no action/no appraisal. Thank Jerome & Jim.

  6. Isn't the school district responsible to have the property appraised? They are the ones who want to sell it and should be obligated by the Naylor Act to act in good faith in representing the value, especially since they are trying to remove it from the public domain.

  7. This is going to blow your mind; years ago EUSD, in an attempt to bring new revenue into the district began planning for the addition of a large preschool on the property they bamboozled Carltas out of in 1994; NOW, they are starting preschools on many of their campuses and telling parents that they are going to be FREE!AND they have plans to build one next to the 'farm'! As crazy as THAT sounds, try this one on; the school district is planning on paying for the development of the farming site on Quail Garden's Drive! That's right, the farmer from Vista is not investing a dime; so instead of the farm bringing money into the school district; the district will now pick up a $100,000 per year water bill. and then some; AND knuckle-head Doug Long went before his nemesis on the EUSD board last Tuesday and asked for $70,000 for lumber to begin building the 'community gardens'. Meanwhile; Baird is suing the city, claiming reduced funding, teachers are going to have to take pay cuts and at the same time buying IPADs for 4th graders. Hey Baird, what's your IPhone bill monthly. The district's business manager, Abby Sadat tried to turn Baird into the school board, not realizing they were complicit in Baird's deceit. Sadat is now gone.

    Skiljan, Sonkin, Andrade and Stritch; heat up the tar and feathers for these four.

    1. Tim Baird is destroying our schools. Come to a meeting march 19 th at Capri elementry to help fight to save our school. At 6:30

  8. Encinitas Union School district is made up of nine elementary schools: The four largest are completly located in south Carlsbad. The five smaller schools are in Encintias.
    Carlsbad Schools: El Camino Creek Elem., Carlsbad - 850 students:
    La Costa Heights, Carlsbad - 680 students: Mission Estancia, Carlsbad - # of students not on web site but the school is adding 4 new portables; Olivenhain Pioneer, Carlsbad - 676 students - total for three schools = 2206
    Encinitas Schools: Capri -650 students; Flora Vista - 500 students; Ocean Knoll -number of students not on web site; Park Dale Lane -630 students; Paul Ecke Central - number of students not on website - total for three schools = 1780 -
    I think that Tim Baird lives in the Carlsbad part of the Encinitas Union School District.The community of Cardiff has two elementary schools in it's scholl district. The Carlsbad parents and Tim Baird don't care what happens to anything in Encinitas like Pacific View in Old Encinitas - it's not their city.

  9. Encinitas schools and district offices are all closed and can't be reached as they are all on a Fall break from Oct. 17 until Oct 30, 2011.

  10. Correction to my 9:01 post - Encinitas Union schools are closed but the district office is open - apparently their phone system wasn't quite working this morning but I atarted going thru all of the extensions and maintenance answered.

  11. Tim Baird has done this at his previous school district in Ojai. Check it out:

    He is bleeding Encinitas dry, so he can boost his resume with claims of green, tech schools, and he will be gone before we know it, holding the tab for the next 30 years and losing a prime real estate community asset. Course, we can only really blame the School Board members that hired him in the first place.

  12. Does he still insist on wearing short sleeve shirts and ties to work regularly? Are his school staff presentations still embedded with bad jokes and Star Wars references?

  13. Tim Baird is as bad as they come.

  14. The school board it bad too. No checks and balances just totally unethical and irresponsible. They are all memebers of the good ol' boys and girls club. They are all instutionalized but don't know it.

    The updated phone system that cost thousands of dollars were not done the appropriate way and the school board did nothing. They need to be investigated like the Sweetwater District.

    There is a party going on over there and the people who are paying are students and tax payers.

    Who shall we contact?

  15. just came from a meeting with Tim Baird, getting ready to take apart Capri School Encinitas. From an English learning school to Spanish only. WE live in Encinitas and pay HIGH tax's for this school. AND high home prices to live in a good school district. NOW we are being booted out, if we plan on our kids learning in ENGLISH!