Thursday, March 12, 2015

Encinitas vibrancy makes the evening news again

10 News:
ENCINITAS, Calif. - A dashcam captured an ugly Uber encounter after a trip was cut short in Encinitas.

The ride began around 11 p.m. on Feb. 28 with a pickup at a Cardiff bar. Minutes into the ride, the driver is heard issuing a warning.

"Sit down or I'm pulling over. You get out," says the driver.

Patrick, the driver, asked 10News not to use his last name. He says all four passengers smelled of alcohol and one of the women was trying to jump into the front seat from the back.

"She's grabbing the shifter. She's grabbing the emergency brake … anything she can grab onto to help her into the front seat," said Patrick.

When she refused to stop, he stopped at a restaurant parking lot in Encinitas and asked them to get out. Two women and one of the men then exit the SUV.

Patrick says one of the women then picked up some rocks and threw them at his SUV. In the next few moments, the sound of rocks hitting the SUV can be heard on the video, along with a series of banging noises.

"The banging is him kicking and kneeing the car," said Patrick.

Finally, the last man gets out and tosses his own rock at the SUV. The final damage was nearly $2,000 in scratches and chips.
Click over to 10 News for the video.


  1. Wow. The influx of bars is so welcome in this family orientated beach town.

    Thanks for nothing City Council --for supporting the conversion to Pacific Beach!!

    All incumbents must go next election- Especially the bar supporters.



    Maybe that's why they live in 400-sq-ft boxes, don't own cars and have no ambition.

    1. And skateboard.

    2. Yes, but they are extraordinarily well-educated in Grievance Studies.

  3. The owner of the Leucadia Shell station on Orpheus thinks a mini mart that sells alcohol would be a great addition to our hood. Sure, you can start there, and work your way down the coast.

  4. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. The influx of new bars is the problem.

    Except that if you watch the video, the first shot shows the car traveling north on 101 in Cardiff where it consolidates from two lanes to one just past the campgrounds. The confrontation escalates at the stop sign in front of Hansens, and the drunken bags of douche are finally ejected at Tratoria i Truli.

    The story says they were picked up in Encinitas.

    That means that said drunken bags of douche were either picked up in Cardiff or on Restaurant Row. None of the new bars people are complaining about are down that way. Nobody gets silly drunk at Las Olas or the Charthouse, or Rimmels. This crew doesn't look like the Wine Steals type either. The most likely candidates for over-serving these asshats are The Kraken, Cardiff Office, or The Shanty. All places that are not remotely part of the recent bar influx.

    1. How do you know they weren't going to Shelter? Maybe the Kraken was just a warm-up!

    2. 1.) You can't blame a bar they haven't gone to yet for their behavior in the car. The question is, who over-served them to get to this point.

      2.) If you play the full Youtube video and listen to the audio, as the driver is kicking them out, one of the assclowns asks "Am I even anywhere near my house?" Also, the last guy to get out of the car asks the driver for directions to where he is staying (assumed to be the destination. Uber automatically provides the dirver turn by turn GPS directions. They were going home--not to another bar.

  5. The driver should have called 9-11 and reported it as an assault. These people probably were at the first bar they came across and could have been arrested.