Tuesday, November 1, 2016

48-feet tall is similar to 30-feet tall?

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Say what?

Ah, but we see what they did there.

They didn't say the proposed heights and densities were similar to current city code; they said similar to "what exists," meaning 3-story mixed-use buildings like Pacific Station and Moonlight Lofts and the things next to Caldwell's Antiques.  Those properties were upzoned by a prior city council without a public vote (which the 2012 council lied about to voters in the ballot argument against Prop A).  Prop A subsequently restored the General Plan's 2-story, 30-foot height limit, which Measure T would overturn.

Yes on T: make 3+ miles of the 101 corridor similar to Pacific Station!  But are Pacific Station or Moonlight Lofts even close to 48 feet tall?


  1. Leechtag/Blakespear/Kranz inviting massive illegsl immigration into Encinitas as a result of secret Cuktural Marxist meeting. 20 citizens showed up at City Council meeting last Wednesday. Why isn't this Jewish blog owner reporting any of this? Does he too secretly HATE and despise Christian Americsns and want to contribute to their subversive attempts to destroy their culture?


    1. I know who the anti-Semite is!!!!!

      Now we can publicly same him. Yeah!

      This post makes it clear he's involved in the shenanigans of out of town speakers. There was one speaker last week who mentioned something about the refugee situation as being "kibbutz-like," which was an odd and out of place reference to Jewish communal farms having nothing to do with refugees--except in the mind of a rabid anti-Semite who sees evidence of consiracy everywhere.

      I'll go back and watch the meeting, and see if I can post a name and picture here. Whoever he is, it's clear that he's part of some organized whacko fringe group. It's impossible that a half dozen speakers all showed up with the same talking points on the same night by happenstance. Maybe once we figure out who this dude is it will lead to the identity of the group as well.

      EU, please don't delete this thread for now. Exposing this person is important, and has a positive public purpose.

    2. Ta Da!

      Roger Ogden, you are a raging antisemitic xenophobe!

      It appears he started a group called Stop Obama NOW, which changed names to Impeach Obama Now Coalition. Since Obama is soon to move on, he's opened a new group called Patriot Fire.

      He posts to "followers" when he's going to make a stink at a council meeting in Lemon Grove, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, or Encinitas etc. A few dummies follow along. When they spoke last week, they only gave first names, but I bet you could quickly map their faces to the whack jobs who post on his various hate sites.

      Sad really.


    3. nice work 9:46/10:53 -
      7:42 is truly a disturbed / angry person.

    4. Right....Destroy the culture of money worship and bad food and consumerism. Jesus was a Jew and most of your bible is about Jews. Grow the fuck up.

    5. Roger,

      When you went to our Council Meeting, "white speaker's slip" didn't mean what you thought it meant. I'm sure you first tried to use the new online e-comment system, but couldn't find the white one.

    6. Roger Ogden is also the guy whose anti-Obama sign Tony Kranz smashed during a confrontation in Hillcrest several years ago.

      He's not a local though, and I don't think he's our resident anti-Semite.

    7. EU,

      You may be right, but:

      • Roger Ogden showed up at our Encinitas council meeting to speak.
      • He clearly has demonstrated enough interest in Encinitas politics to engage in person, why not online, which requires less commitment?
      • Roger Ogden managed to tangle Leichtag and kibbutz--Jewish references into his comments on refugees.
      • 7:42 above is clearly our local antisemite, and makes the same bizarre entanglement of Jewish and refugee conspiracies.
      • Browse a selection of writings of Roger Ogden. Writing style and subject matter are similar.

      I just don't think there are that many cranks that fit such a narrow profile. I bet if you go back through our guy's writing and find common grammar mistakes, odd punctuation or capitalization usage, catch phrases (e.g. "Cultural Marxist"), I bet all the same fingerprints of authorship exist in the extensive body of work published under Roger Ogden.

    8. Google Roger Ogden cultural Marxism.


    9. 12:54: you mean "cuktural marxist" :)

    10. 12:54,

      OK, you're right. Probably Roger.

    11. Well well well.

      It appears we have touched a nerve.

  2. We used to say that Bob Bonde could take the 'Gettysburg Address' and through careful editing and omission, Bob could turn the 'Address' into a serious indictment of Abraham Lincoln for treason.

    Reading Pam Slater-Price's latest sXXt-stirring political paella in the Coast News this Friday makes Bob look like a grammar-stickler and/or plagiarist. Penned by the woman who thrust Sheila Cameron back upon us 2 years ago; at least Pammy has come out of the shadows, for once: no mirrors in her homes.

    If God was to give Encinitas a suppository he'd start with Pam Slater Price.

    1. Go back to bed, Mikey.

    2. Sheila has decided to turn her attention to killer trees. Nice, way to go....Keep up the good work.

    3. Mikey, I said go back to bed! Dose yourself and conk out.

    4. Wait until Mike hears he has been on this blog again. Oooh, Baby!

  3. Pac Station is 33' - so no, 48' ain't even close.

    Bruce Ehlers goes through the height explanation: http://vimeo.com/189478755

    To make the new height even higher (and reversing a Prop A provision), Measure T's fine print allows padding up of a building site before measuring the building height.

    Reversing another Prop A provision, height measurement would start at the midpoint of a slope, not the lower point, effectively raising the starting point from which height is measured.

    The completely meaningless "The right height in the right density in the right places" must've taken an overpaid Yes consultant all of 10 seconds to come up with.

    The closing sentence is lame, lame, lame. Ask the Yes folks how T looks out for their best interests and they'll let Marco do their talking. And we know whose interests Marco watches out for.

    Measure T isn't right, it's wrong. No on T.

  4. That less than 1% BS came straight from Lisa's "newsletter," repeatedly, for months now.

    But in an internal memo from Manjeet, the real number is 7%, "likely" 12%.

    And let's talk acreage: 113 gross, 102 net. That's a whole lot of area for upzoning that the 1% lie covers up.

    Just say No.

    1. 1 percent of 13,000 is 130, FYI.

    2. How many of the 13,000 acres are already dedicated to roads, residential neighbors, schools, and geologically unsuitable land that could never be candidates for the upzoning?
      I bet there was a very limited acreage that was even an option for the new zoning. It could be that 130 acres is actually 10-25% of the viable acreage for upzoning.
      The 1% figure is part of the deception led by the dishonest council and planning commission.

    3. You think schools and roads make up 11,000 out of 13,000 acres of our city?

      You just lost your audience.

    4. You left out the acreage of all residential areas from my comment. Add acreage already occupied by single family homes throughout the city. That can easily be 11000 to 12000 acres.
      Meaning the 130 acres is only out of remaining 1000-2000 acres is in the 10-20% range.
      In any case of the exact numbers, 1% is dishonest estimate.

  5. No to T and No to any increased density.

    We are surrounded by state protected waters and land, we are not included in any long term county or state plans to add transportation corridors.

    Moonlight beach is the second worse in the county with runoff pollution, TJ river is first.

    The housing law is all about infill development but Encinitas should be considered sprawl. Encinitas is a key wildlife corridor both on land and sea, evident by are state and county parks surrounding us.

    Any new development should minimize runoff.

  6. Attention to ALL customers of 'take-out' meals in Encinitas; as their 'Good-bye' kisses to all the residents they've ignored for 2 years, Kranz, Shaffer and Fakespear are going to go ahead and pass the ban on styrofoam, after Kroger and Von's etc. have told the City repeatedly that by banning the modern-type of styrofoam Kranz/Shaffer and Fakespear are declaring war on small business and meat-eaters throughout the 5 communities; 'fools rush in' as they say. Good-bye, Lisa. Please don't write when you get work; as if you ever did, work that is. Fakespear has the Coning Tower...

    1. what's this got to do with measure T???

  7. this just came across my feed: no on T editorial

    'It’s understandable why voting “yes” on Measure T — an Encinitas city initiative seeking residents’ approval of a massive new housing program — could be seen as an easy way out of possible state penalties and building-industry lawsuits. However, the North Coast Current urges a “no” vote on Measure T for one reason: It’s time to call the state of California out on its misguided approach to shoving high-density development down communities’ throats.'

  8. You fools. You are destroying one mans name and not including the fact that Leechtag sent a Muslim Somali activist that showed up to the 'Welcome Refugees' City Council meeting, as it turned out she doesn't live in Encinitas and in fact was invited by Leechtag to politicize the Muslim Somali's increase of now more than 16,000 Somali's living in San Diego County alone, 8 of whom have been arrested by the FBI on terror charges. Do these Somali's share a Western/Christian view of the world? Do they assimilate? Do they bully white and hispanic kids in the neighborhoods that they take over. When will Sharia Law be proposed at a local level in City Heights/Normal Heights/El Cajon? EVERY citizen of Encinitas should track this Refugee Blog and empower themselves and their families to learn the truth:

    1. "You are destroying one mans name......" - Really??!!??

      Seems to me more like free advertising......

      - The Sculpin

    2. Why not destroy hispanic Francizca Galvez'es name..SHE had the most compelling call -to-action for the citizens of Encinitas to beware of the elitists and specifically Catherine Blakespear and Tony Kranz.



    3. Know what's destroying your name? Your own words.

      And we'll take the overreaction as confirmation.


      Everyone's got the right to be an impotent bag of douche, I guess. You seem to abuse the privledge.

      Just putting it out there; something to think about.

    4. 5:24- You scream for tolerance but are the least tolerant of all...

  9. Every Encinitas husband, wife and child over 18 need to hear the testimonials from immigrants to America opposing the Leftist/Cultural Marxist's ( Blakespear, Kranz,and Shaffer) forcing Encinitas on to a list welcoming illegal aliens/immigrants/refugees WITHOUT A VOTE. This elitist move by these leftists Blakespear/Kranz/Shaffer will create deep and ever-lasting hatred against your children here and throughout the country.

    One brave French mother warns us deeply and sincerely at 36:23 and the most compelling is a 60-something Hispanic mother and grandmother warning us that the 'refugee invasion' is no different than the dictator imposed social engineering in her native Mexico. at 42:21. These are women that have toiled to make it to our shores and are warning us about the harmful effects of massive non-Western invasions of immigrants/aliens/refugees.


  10. Back on topic, it sounds like right here in Encinitas we have a "shadow government"

    Unelected city employees working against citizens and working for special interests. Unelected city employees colluding with elected leaders like Lisa Shaffer to misinform, mislead and keep citizens in the dark.

    Drain the swamp.

    1. I think you are confusing "shadow government" and "government."

      Your tin foil hat may be too tight.

  11. The North County Current has an interesting point, fighting back against the crooked and corrupt policies of Sacramento and the State.

    The corrupt state includes elected officials, their cronies and supporters, their talking heads in the media and the so called social justice warriors who's idea of justice is "we know better than you" now do things my way.

    News out today on a tweet from crooked corrupt Donna Brazile. Brazile, is the leader of the Democratic party Committee. The DNC colluded with the media to defraud Bernie Sanders supporters during the primary resulting in the departure of Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

    Brazile also was a paid talking "news analyst" on CNN. From the WikiLeaks emails we learned that Brazile was crooked, and used her position to provide Hillary Clinton debate questions prior to the debates. Brazile at first denied there was wrong doing.

    A second release of emails showed that not only did Brazile give Clinton questions before the debates, Brazile also provided the actual names of the "town hall" participants who would be asking questions and their family backgrounds.

    Brazile was fired by CNN this week. Today Brazile tweeted out " This is an election and the goal is to win"

    Liar, crooked, corrupt.

    news out today that the attorney general appointed to look into the Weiner/Clinton emails is named Kradzik. Kradzik just happens to have represented criminal Marc Rich. Rich was a donor to the Clinton's. Kradzick worked with Eric Holder to secure a pardon for Rich on Clinton's last day in office. Holder did not follow procedures, and went around the process.

    WikiLeaks email also reveal the personal relationship between John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager and Krazik.

    Crooked, Corrupt, insiders who profit actively working against citizens.

    1. Donor to the Clinton's what? Which one is the Clinton?

    2. Rich donated $450,000 to Clinton library
      Rich donated to Clinton's legal defense fund for rape.
      Rich donated close to $1 million to Clinton's Senate run.

      Rich was represented by Kradzik.
      Kradzik approached Holder.
      Holder went around the process
      Clinton. Pardoned Rich.

      Now Kradzik is in charge of the email review of Weiner/Abedi emails.

      Crooked, corrupt, disgusting.

  12. Face it - the American system is for the rich, by the rich and the sheep are for the slaughter. Trump, in all his absurdity, has blatantly exposed what should have been obvious - the game is rigged. That doesn't legitimize his candidacy at all - it just exposes the circus that the American political system has degraded into. We are witnessing the possible disintegration of this now obsolete social experiment.

  13. Now that I know who Roger Ogden is, I don't understand why Tony doesn't do more campaign messaging about punching this guy.

    I'm not advocating violence, but sometimes there is a face that just sort of NEEDS to be punched.