Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election night open thread

One Gaspar out, one behind. Measure T barely losing.

SD Vote:
Mayor and Council
County Supervisor
County Measures A and B
Measure T
Issa vs. Applegate: San Diego County / Orange County


  1. Is almost 4 points barely losing?

  2. Awww, the "DR." got trounced badly.

    Take your wife with you.

  3. 10 point spread on Measure T- Huge win especially considering all that developer money going into facebook adds to deceive the public.

    "Local control" - Sfpppp.

    Tomorrow, City Hall staff has some explaining to do to City Council on why they were pushing the stack and pack sooo hard for developers well beyond the needed and logical plan.

    Is the City Manager going to finally hire some Directors who care about the citizens of Encinitas's quality of life over the developer profits?

    We shall see. Considering the candidates good election results. I guess our bays don't need saving. Ha Graham - go that your developer paid program to some other City for your political wantabe resume.

    Catherine, Tony, and Tasha better appoint a good 4th Council member to put a choke hold on Muir, and squeeze the developer interests out of him.

    So long to Gaspars and Mikey shouldn't carry any credit at City Hall after this trouncing!!!! Assream is a tool and should stay in Oceanside. That is what Gaspars get for listening to that tool.

  4. It's Tony and HIS developer interests we have keep a lid on.

  5. Issa will win.

    All of the remaining vote to be counted is in San Diego County, where Applegate is winning 53% to 47% for Issa. The remaining votes would have to come in 70/30 for Applegate to overcome the Orange County vote.

  6. I hope Issa loses. KPBS was predicting a loss for Issa last night. What were the Orange County percentages?

    1. KPBS didn't understand that the district lies in both SD County and Orange County. They were looking only at the SD County returns.

    2. Link above in main post to OC returns.