Sunday, June 11, 2017

Math is hard

Encinitas Advocate:
Proceeds from the event benefit the McAlister Institute, one of San Diego’s leading resources to help people and families affected by addition.


  1. Muir - 310 lbs
    Horvath - 195 lb
    Kranz - 190 lb
    Mosca - 90 lb
    Blakespear - 110 lb

    as per Encinitas Guerrilla instructions

  2. Not even close to Tony's actual fat head. Mosca as the 90lb weakling is worth a laugh. The rest are probably pretty close. A little funny is needed in these strange times for our nation. Mark has shown some sensitivity he never had when he was being Kristins lap dog. Good on you Mark.

    We and they all have our and their moments. The council needs to listen more before speaking and be open to alternatives. You owe it to your constituents. Some have shown they need to listen and comprehend instead of acting like a bull in a china shop.

    This council is better than what we have had and we can duly expect more from them. Please be open and know that the true stakeholders are the residents and not real estate interests profiteering.

    1. "Better?" No, just in slightly more palatable packages.

  3. CB 125-130
    MM 320
    TK 290
    TBH 190
    JM 170