Friday, June 16, 2017

Pyrrhic victory for patio service at Union?

Union-Trib: Encinitas gives win to downtown patio for Union Kitchen + Tap:
Patrons of the lively downtown Union Kitchen + Tap will finally be allowed to eat and drink in the patio area, but its owners will need to provide the city with yearly documentation that alcohol isn't their primary source of income.
Is it possible that Union actually sells more food than alcohol?

If not, will the city actually hold Union accountable?


  1. 80 proof shots are only 40% alcohol. Less than half.

  2. It's all about the money. Planning commissioners don't give a damn about anything else.

  3. There was little that could be done at that point to stop the permit from being approved.

    Once the SRF brothers were somewhat satisfied with the changes, it was a done deal, as undeserving as the Union has proven to be, and they are.

    I would love to see that part of our downtown be designated a sensitive area out of respect for the SRF, that is the soul of our city's history for the last century. Pipe dream? You bet.

    We are stuck with them and too many others. At least there is no grandfathering allowed once the DAO is in effect. All will be under that, no matter how long they have been in business.

  4. SRF is most accommodating and always wants to reach a reasonable accord with their neighbors. The Union claims that the patio will be covered and sound-proofed; that promise apparently swung the compromise in their favor. Maybe a symbol of the contributions of the Union to the community are symbolically evident on the SRF property - plastic column lamps atop the small posts bordering the property have been bashed and sit akilter, propped up with duct tape. One wonders if the "compromise" won't need its form of duct tape in the future?

  5. The patio closes at 10 PM. This needs to be enforced. It should not just be no food/drink after 10 PM. It needs to be, "The patio is closed, no patrons allowed." If so, this is a fair compromise. The bad behavior at Union and by their patrons occurs after 10 PM.

    1. Wha youz sez...****hic**** weze gud patrons o der booze jaoint. I dunt create izzues wish mi drinken! ******hic*****