Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sheriff helicopter with unintelligible loudspeaker circling downtown

UPDATE: Patch:
Authorities were searching for two suspects who fled a stolen vehicle after crashing into a parked car near a park in North County.

A vehicle was reported stolen Wednesday in Carlsbad, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. The vehicle later crossed into Encinitas and crashed into a parked vehicle near Cottonwood Creek Park at 95 North Vulcan Ave., sheriff's officials said. The occupants, a man and a woman, then fled the vehicle on foot.

Carlsbad police and sheriff's deputies were searching the area for the suspects.

The driver was described as a Hispanic man who is about 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans. The passenger was described as a white female with a thin build and dark, curly hair.


  1. Haven't the Sheriffs Department figured out that no one can understand the loudspeaker on their helicopter? Given the technology available, there has to be a better set-up than what they have now.

    1. Spot on comment about the loudspeaker. A helicopter is extremely noisy and the occupants wear sound-blocking headsets so they can't hear themselves. This means that yelling into the microphone causes overmodulation and the sound is always distorted. Someone should invent something better...

  2. Lol on the unintelligible loudspeaker. They caught the dude, I saw him in cuffs on Encinitas Blvd across from Cottonwood

  3. I think its called twitter.