Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pedestrian killed crossing Balour

A 76-year-old woman was fatally injured Friday night when she was struck by a Toyota Prius outside an Encinitas Fire Station, authorities said.

The crash happened just before 7:10 p.m. at Balour Drive a little south of Encinitas Boulevard, San Diego County sheriff’s Sgt. Agustin Rosas said.

Investigators believe the pedestrian was crossing Balour Drive in front of Encinitas Fire Station No. 5 when she was hit by the northbound Prius, Rosas said.
That's just north of where an elderly man was killed in a crosswalk hit-and-run less than a year ago.


  1. Another one. Geeze. Way too many in Encinitas. RIP and peace to the family.

  2. I thought creating safe streets was at the top of this City Council's goals.

    This City Council needs a good city manager that can address the City Council's top priorities. Sigh.....;( RIP.....

  3. 6:29am slimy mikey give it a rest.

    This gets so old. Don't you ever get tired of following the orders of your masters.

  4. As sad as it is for everyone involved, it's classic Encinitas. Speeding cars or not, people should try not walking in the middle of the street like they own it. That's what sidewalks are for.

  5. 12:28pm - You seem delusional. I am not Mikey and I don't have masters. I hope you don't either. I hate to think of the world you live in.

    I'm a taxpayer that hates seeing such a dysfunctional City Hall with tons of waste and bad direction recommendations from staff to the City Council regarding policies like the housing element and never getting any needed projects done in a timely manner. Two examples include the Rail Corridor Study and the Quiet Zones. The damn quiet zones should have been completed well over 5 years ago, yet the City Manager's team can't seem to get anything done right and all she does is blame her staff. Its no wonder the high turn over in management below her.

    I would like to see my tax dollars go towards a well run City Hall not a shit-show full of waste and misdirection to the City Council.

    1. Then throw your hat in the ring and make a difference.

    2. 101 South is a shit show, I walked it the other night. I have lived in small and major cities all over the country and the vibe here is a different animal completely. What in the actual f*** is going on here? I mean I know what it is, it's radical change but even PB isn't this weird.

  6. 8:19pm. Not delusional in the slightest.

    Sorry for you that you sound like the usual claptrap from our well know pariah.

    I feel for the world YOU live in.

    Our council has the ultimate authority for all that goes on. It is on no one else for responsibility. Every other entity at city hall answers to council.

    If council would manage all depts. like they should, perhaps it would more clear to you.

    Planning has run amuck in the muck for years selling out our community to influential developer interests. Nothing new there. It is standard operating procedure for them, no matter who is on council or in management positions.

    Everything that goes on is on the council. They allow and follow when they should lead. Nothing new there.

    One of these days............. I can dream of a future when the only true stakeholders are genuinely listened. If it is not clear enough for you, I am referring to the stakeholder residents who want to preserve what we love about this community we have chosen to live in and stay and defend.

    Our outrage at the profiteering that is allowed by the city is justified.

  7. Whelp proves to me delusion or just uneducated. I hope the later.

    The City Council sets policy, and hires their pick of their City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for managing all the City. All else refer to my previous post

  8. 11:02pm You see what you want to see.

    You hear what you want to hear.