Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rainbow at Moonlight Beach


  1. It’s a sign that God(s) approve of Streetscape.

  2. Eh...the Devil made Him do it!

  3. With regard to Measure U, consider the people pushing for it. This includes Marco Gonzalez. It is the saddest thing that he has changed sides.

  4. WTF is that huge ugly McMansion right in the flood plain and in the prime towell space area?

    Did the CA Coastal Commission approve that hinderance on our shoreline?

    # beachencroachmentssuck . # sandandtowelsnotbuildingsonthebeach

    where was surfrider?

    We need a petition started to remove that serious hinderance on our coast line.

  5. Marco is only about the might $$$$$$... .Just like most attorneys.

  6. My name is Mosca - and I approve of this rainbow!

  7. Vote for Brandenburg. He knows the history of each community. Mosca came from Sierra Madre, with a few years spent in Europe before he came to Encinitas. Mosca is a true politician when he can vote yes on the Leucadia Streetscape development and then “was concerned” about the $30 million price tag. That $30 million will cost all residents in Encinitas, not just Leucadia. Councilman Muir voted NO on Streetscape. Mosca also lead the push to remove the only city owned property (L-7) from the Housing Element list (Measure U) that could have proved 100% low income housing. Now that property is in Measure U but not associated with the Housing Element sites so it won’t help the city’s required low income housing numbers (RHNA). The Council wants voters to approve an upzone of the city’s property to benefit a developer. It is time to clean house and vote out Mosca and Mayor Blakespear. Jody Hubbard, who is also running for a Council seat would bring a third vote that would create a majority vote with Mosca and Mayor Blakepear.

  8. Any chance to remove spineless Joe is a step forward, even with Tony B.

    A large sign on El Camino Real showed Muir and Brandenburg together. Apparently joe's L7 sell out made little difference.

    Joe, look what you have wrought. It got you no lasting support. The jokes on you. What a tool.

  9. A little "Mosca Meltdown" reminder:

    Speakers running through Mosca's unpopular record were called liars.

    He's let his nasty side show a couple of.times in Encinitas, but seems to have kept a lid on himself for the most part. This video is one of several.

  10. Send the carpetbagger Mosca packing. He wasn't elected in the first place and does not deserve to be so now!

  11. I think he's fine. He's very approachable, listens well, and takes the long view. Brandenburg has tried and lost - what is different in this election that makes his position on issues more relevant today than in the past?

    1. Joe tells you what you want to hear. Watch him ask pretend-probing questions of staff, then back down and vote for developers and staff recommendations.

      Brandenburg's Planning Commission votes show he supported what residents wanted. He didn't find ways to "interpret" the code to support developers. Unlike Mosca, Brandenburg is not committed to forcing projects and "improvements" where they're not wanted.

      Joe was had to leave Sierra Madre for a reason. He will not change his spots. What makes you think he will?