Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Body found at Cardiff house

Fox 5:
A woman was found dead in Encinitas Tuesday night, prompting an investigation.

Shortly after 5 p.m., after receiving a call about a foul odor, deputies obtained a warrant to search a home in the1200 block of Summit Avenue, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. Inside a smaller structure behind the main residence, deputies found the woman's body. Sheriff's homicide detectives were called in to conduct an investigation.
CBS 8:
The woman's identity has not been released, however Lt. Blevins said a vehicle was found near the residence that belongs to a reported missing person.

The missing person has been identified by family and friends as Sabrina Lukosky. She was reported missing on September 20.

According to friends, Lukosky lived on the property with her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s mother.

Friends and family said no one has heard from Lukosky for nearly three weeks.

UPDATE: A friend on Facebook:
UPDATE: Homicide:
A decomposing body discovered Tuesday evening in Encinitas was that of a 43-year-old woman who died by homicide and whose mother reported her missing last week, a sheriff’s lieutenant said Wednesday.

Deputies discovered the body of Sabrina Lukosky around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday in small living quarters behind a home on Summit Avenue near Santa Fe Drive, San Diego sheriff’s homicide Lt. Michael Blevins said.
The cops are saying nobody is a suspect yet, but obviously the boyfriend is the suspect. He's not in custody, and yesterday cops were "still looking for one more witness they wish to take a statement from," so it's possible he's on the run.

UPDATE: Boyfriend Henry Simon Cowen, 41, arrested in Riverside. The mother who refused to allow the police welfare check appears to be Sally Cowen, a longtime resident of the La Veta and La Mesa neighborhood north of Moonlight Beach.

UPDATE: Encinitas Advocate:
In 2010, Cowen was arrested on assault and kidnapping charges in Lacey, Washington, about an hour southwest of Seattle, on accusations that he tied up and tortured a man over an argument about marijuana.

According to court documents obtained by the Union-Tribune at the time, the victim called 911 and reported that he’d been tied up and beaten for several hours in a home invasion before he was able to escape. Officers reported finding the victim at a neighbor’s house with several bleeding cuts as well as abrasions and swelling to his face and neck.


Cowen allegedly told police he “lost control” and forced the victim into a kitchen chair, using phone cords and hoses to tie him up, and then began “beating and cutting him with a knife,” according to the documents.


A judge sentenced Cowen to 12 months in jail on one charge and eight months on another charge, according to the online court records.
Seems like you should get more than a year and change for kidnapping and extended torture. But what do I know?


  1. So the boyfriend and mom didn’t see, hear, or smell anything for three weeks? Didn’t notice that her car hadn’t moved? Didn’t enter the accessory unit? Didn’t notice that they hadn’t seen her?

    This doesn’t sound like a natural causes situation.

  2. Yep, I smell a rat. Oooops, bad choice of words

  3. Search for her name in Facebook. As recently as yesterday, a friend put out a plea to help search and made mention that she has been missing and has been in a newly abusive relationship. Very sad.

  4. I wonder what is the status of the lady that was mowed down on Leucadia Blvd. near Fulvia?

    I saw something on Nextdoor. Another bites the dust. So sad.

  5. The deceased woman was described as a sweet, kind person. Her boyfriend was said to be abusive and possessive. He sounds like a tweeker gone bezerk!

  6. People are dying like flies in Encinitas- especially pedestrians. I heard it is in the running for the Most Unwalkable and Unbikeable City designation. Way to go City for ignoring a known problem. Now us taxpayers have to deal with all the lawsuit payouts.

    1. I agree. So sad. I will be voting for new Councilmembers next election.

  7. This guy's mother refused to allow authorities to do a welfare check when they first came around. This gave the murderer son time to flee the area and he is thought to have gone to the Hollywood area. The authorities got a warrant to search the premises and found her decomposing body, obviously dead for weeks. This fits the timeline for the son's "disappearance".
    The deceased woman's friends say the boyfriend was abusive and possessive - the friends had seen bruises on the woman before, attesting to the boyfriend's violent nature. The mother appears to be a possible co-conspirator, trying to allow time for the son's escape. Tragic story....

  8. It appears the mother was a possible accessory; she may have concealed evidence by not allowing a welfare check of the premises.
    If that's the case, her name is mud in the community.

  9. The accused boyfriend is an ex-con, previously convicted of kidnapping and assault; and he spent a couple years in prison.
    Was it the "bad boy" syndrome? Why do women tolerate these losers??

  10. I don't believe half of what I read in the paper about this case. Sure looks like the public is hell bent on roping the mother in on a conspiracy murder though. I know the mother and if she's evil, I've only seen her angelic side for 25 years. I've never been to her home, but If she left town it was probably because of sheer despair and humiliation from the horrible murder that happened (or threats? Who knows). But I'd sure like to hear her side of the story, and that's probably coming soon.

  11. I knew Israel..Apparently not well enough..Shocking that he did this..