Sunday, January 30, 2011

Called shot

From an anonymous comment on Leucadia Blog last February:

At Wednesday's council meeting Jerome Stocks was suddenly talking about quiet zones for the railroad. I think it finally dawned on him that his developer friend DeWald would need some "special" help similar to what he has done for Michael Pattison and David Meyer on many occasions.

Too bad the comment was anonymous. That commenter could do a victory lap. Just as DeWald starts selling his railroad condos, he can assure prospective buyers that making the taxpayers pay to silence the train horns is a top city council priority.

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  1. I can't take credit for the comment, but I certainly shared the sentiment at the time. Teresa Barth had advocated for a quiet zone through Encinitas for years, but Stocks, our rep at NCTD, ignored the issue until it came time to start selling the condos.

    Kristin Gaspar made her very first appearance at a council meeting when she started her campaign last summer by reading a statement supporting a quiet zone. It was a clear signal that she supports the developers. Is she part of the group of investors for Pacific Station?

    I had been told by the City Clerk that an appeal had been filed for the Planning Commission denial of the latest scheme to try to rescue the David Meyer/Michael Pattison Sheridan/Andrew (Nantucket) projects in Leucadia. Stocks, Bond, and Gaspar had the votes to overturn the PC decision, but must have told developer Rodrigue to pull it. There were serious legal problems about what he wanted to do