Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sports bar for me but not for thee

Look who's happy about a push to ban additional sports bars on 101:

"I think right now, we're just about at saturation," said Haven Dunn, manager of the D Street Bar & Grill at the northern end of downtown. "I think the city's right in trying to limit it any further."

Dunn said his business started a trend when it took over the old Martini Ranch location seven years ago and transformed what had been a bar with a "bad vibe" into a local attraction that serves both families and young people looking for fun on a Friday night.

Dunn said it's flattering that the business is being imitated by some new restaurants that have "bar" in their names, but added that things have gone a little too far. Some of the newcomers have even copied D Street's interior design, he said.

"You have to have diversity in any given (location); you can't have 10 sports bars and grills," he said.

Must be nice as a small business to have a city council willing to ban your competition!

The threats that Encinitas will turn into Pacific Beach are ridiculous. Pacific Beach is the way it is because thousands of college students live within stumbling distance of the bars, and it is a central meeting point for students of all San Diego's big universities: SDSU, UCSD, and USD. They are not all going to start driving to North County to get drunk just because a couple more restaurants serve beer and have sports on TV.

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