Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brown widows attack Encinitas

Encinitas just can't get a break from the animal kingdom arthropods.

Last summer it was killer bees; this winter it's brown widow spiders.

I've found several adult females and egg sacs in the back yard composter. Today I also found an adult building a web in the vegetable garden.

More on the brown widow here. The colors range from a light brown with patterns to a black just slightly lighter and not as shiny as the black widow. The egg sac can be identified by its spiky exterior.

The origin of the brown widow is unknown, but an awful lot seem to be from Orange County like those other unwelcome invaders, Neptune Avenue weekenders.


  1. Very creepy WC. I will keep a watch on my back yard.

  2. Wow, that's whats living in my garden, in the wood pile, in the trellis and underneath my patio furniture. Never saw one before last year and now they are propagating like tribbles. What solution Spock?

  3. Sorry guys, you just noticed them recently. They've always been around here in the same numbers. I've seen them for as long as I've lived here, and yes, wood piles are a big place for them to be.

  4. They've been here at least 6-8 years; found one in a corner of the garage door and, not knowing what it was checked out this web site (very good for spider ID-ing!) -

    Also, read somewhere that they are nearly impossible to get rid of once you find them on your property.