Wednesday, January 26, 2011

City Council: wayside horns, hassling restaurants top priorities; pension reform, not so much

We've got trouble right here in River City! Not pool halls this time, but restaurants that serve beer and show sports!

City Council thinks allowing sports bars will turn downtown Encinitas into Pacific Beach.

... and the City Council decided to make wayside horns a top priority to increase the value of John DeWald's yet-to-be-sold railroad condos, but didn't say anything about making the city's most serious issue, pension reform, a top priority. By the way, Del Mar is using private funding for wayside horns. Why is our council ignoring that obvious solution?


  1. DeWald's railroad condos are about 15 feet from the tracks. Shake, rattle, and roll.

  2. I wonder if those condo owners can purchase train derailment insurance

  3. Starting at $500K and up - for a rat trap!

  4. Vacation rentals are forbidden at Pacific Station. An appeal on that subject went before the Council. Council voted to say no to vacation rentals. Is the seller telling the buyers about that condition?

  5. Anon,

    Looks like you're right on that.

    NC Times.