Monday, May 31, 2010

Del Mar to use private funding to pay for wayside horn project

This is how it should be done:
A group of residents attempting to reduce train noise received council approval at the May 17 meeting to seek funding for the $160,000 project.

The Quiet Zone Committee, led by long-time Del Mar resident Hershell Price, conducted a test April 22 to determine if a stationary wayside horn system would be an effective and affordable way to temper train noise.

After receiving nothing but positive input, the group canceled a follow-up workshop and went directly to City Council for approval to move forward. With that in hand, securing private donations will now be easier, committee member Lee Stein said.

Once there is a funding commitment, staff can begin confirming costs and securing contracts for items such as the horns, the inventory to support them and monthly maintenance, which will be provided by North County Transit District, City Manager Karen Brust said.

I certainly hope that's what Kristin Gaspar was talking about when she brought up wayside horns for Encinitas, but she didn't mention any private funding at all and left the impression (for me, anyway) that she wants taxpayers to fund it.

Wayside horns would greatly improve the value of the railroad condos at Pacific Station currently under construction by Jerome Stocks' patron John DeWald. He should pick up the check rather than asking for a freebie from the taxpayers. Why should someone living in a modest house not on prime coastal property have to pay to make John DeWald a little richer?


  1. DeWald should pick up the tab at D and E Streets. Stocks never cared about a quiet zone, even though he has been our representative on the NTCD board for many years. Only with the imminent sale of condos at Pacific Station is he concerned.

    I've heard there is a group of investors behind DeWald. It would be very interesting to find out who they are. I don't think that Kristin Gaspar was suggesting private money be used. Is she an investor? I wouldn't be surprised. She came out of nowhere to talk about this, long after Teresa Barth began talking about it.

  2. The BIG QUESTION: Who are the investors in Pacific Station? One newspaper article had the number at 32 or 34. Who are the investors? Who will profit besides John DeWald?

  3. The tax payers are still funding the insurance and for the railroad to maintain the signal.