Thursday, May 13, 2010

Attorneys' report on Teresa Barth harassment complaint

Here's the outside attorneys' report on the Barth complaint. It doesn't look good. Barth initiated the investigation with the following e-mail where she plays amateur lawyer:

"Subject: December 11 Union Tribune Article

Phil and Glenn,

Jerome's comments about me in this article clearly show that the actions taken on Tuesday night 12/8 were punitive with the intention to threaten and/or intimidate me and create a hostile work environment.

This behavior is classified under California law as verbal harassment. This is a complaint of harassment and you have both been officially notified."

The actions Tuesday night 12/8 were when she was passed over for Deputy Mayor.

The attorneys found that not only are elected officials not employees covered under "hostile work place" rules, but that even if Barth were a covered employee, there was no illegal harassment.

Teresa Barth Complaint - Encinitas City Council

Barth's full complaint is here (starts on p. 7 after 6 pages of boilerplate). HT: Leucadia Blog.

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