Monday, May 24, 2010

W.C. is reading...

Encinitas History & Heritage by Mac Hartley.

I first saw this book in a display in the lobby of the La Paloma theater. That display said it was available at the old Vulcan address of the Heritage Museum. Needless to say, it wasn't there. And I stopped by the new museum location at the old schoolhouse on F Street a few times, but never managed to find it open. So I finally just ordered the book on Amazon.

It's a big book absolutely full of photos and well-documented history dating back to the pioneer days. I'm just cracking it open, but I can't imagine anyone who loves Encinitas not wanting a copy. It's fascinating just to flip open and read a few pages.

Did you know, for example, that Leucadia used to be called Merle, or that Olivenhain was founded by commies?

The Colony was originally planned as a commune, requiring each accepted member to pay $625 plus a monthly fee. The price included a plot of land. Horses and machinery were to be the property of all members. Strict rules set for the members to follow were far more rigid than many set by today's homeowners associations. Members were expected to speak fluent German and were required to present evidence of their honesty and ability and willingness to work communally. Occupations of those accepted were mostly service and trades. Professional occupations, attorneys for example, were not welcome.

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