Saturday, May 15, 2010

Barth announces candidacy. Why?

... according to the Coast News, which in a syrupy puff piece nominates Barth for sainthood without mentioning any of the recent events surrounding Barth.

Her announcement came before I had the chance to write an intended post suggesting that she not run.

We obviously need more Barth-like votes on the council to counter the Stocks-Dalager Axis of Developers and Unions. But Barth is clearly not an effective advocate for her side if she is so fragile that she runs crying to the lawyers and makes serious sexual harassment claims over political insults. What's the point of constantly casting losing votes 3-2 in an atmosphere so polarized and poisoned? Do you really think after this recent fiasco Barth will be effective in reaching out to Bond or Dalager and bringing them over to her side on a vote?

Barth obviously doesn't enjoy her work on the Council if she would go so far as to call it a "hostile work environment." So why keep going? Stubbornness and ego?

The best thing Barth could do for the people of Encinitas and for herself would be to step aside and endorse someone who shares her views but is temperamentally better suited for the job. I'm sure she has friends and allies from her years in community work who could win widespread support and would do a great job on the council.

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