Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KUSI's Turko on the Nantucket standoff

The house in limbo.

HT: Jim the Realtor

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  1. The real villain here is David Meyer. He is the unnamed person that Mick Pattinson mentioned who had the obligation to build the low income unit. Meyer pushed the subdivision map through the planning process, got it approved, and then sold it to Barratt American. He kept the low income unit for himself and placed it in the Ecke Family Trust. He is the brother-in-law of Paul Ecke III.

    Meyer did the same with Nantucket 2. He welshed on both low income units. He gave them back to Barratt American and walked away from the mess he created.

    The other villains are the three men on the city council: Stocks, Dalager, and Bond. They gave Meyer everything he wanted and more. The neighbors unsuccessfully appealed and sued. The city supported Mayer and Barratt American the whole way.