Thursday, January 13, 2011

A ray of hope from Kristin Gaspar

After her first two bone-headed public moves (allying with Stocks against Barth after promising to be a uniter, and her tone-deaf op-ed blaming Barth's supporters for a negative campaign while ignoring the garbage spewed by her own supporters), Kristin Gaspar has made her third move a positive one.

Newly elected Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar, who campaigned that the rule [to get an issue on the agenda] should be changed, made the motion. Under Gaspar's proposal, each future meeting would devote a time for members of the public to present their issues to the council. If they receive two votes, it would have to be heard within 60 days.

Thank you, Kristin!

Now will Barth/Houlihan or Barth/Bond please put pension reform on the agenda?


  1. WC...Test out the new policy. Go to a council meeting and ask to have pension reform placed on a future agenda.

  2. Might Gaspar become independent! Kind of like the Scarecrow getting a brain from the Wizard!

  3. I agree.

    Pension reform now!