Friday, January 28, 2011

Shea Homes to build 20 apartments in front of Riviera trailer park

San Diego Daily Transcript:

A fully entitled, 1.08-acre parcel of land on N. Vulcan Ave., in Encinitas 92024, has been sold for $2.3 million. The buyer was homebuilder Shea Homes, which plans to construct 20 flats of multifamily housing on the entitled property.

It looks like the sellers are people from Solana Beach who have been trying to build there since 2002 but finally gave up. They got a density bonus somehow to put 20 units on 1.08 acres. Hope you like your neighbors.


  1. It's come to our attention that while Mrs. Houlihan would like us all to believe that the City Manager, alone, was the recipient of an extra paycheck in Leap Year 2009; in reality the entire City Staff and all five council people also received the extra 2 percent plus on their pay checks. Houlihan and Barth knowingly omitted the fact that their own pensions are irrevocably higher for the length of time they receive their pensions, because of this city hall-wide 'bump'that Houlihan approved.

    The reason Houlihan knew all this when the rest of the council didn't at the time?

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  2. Good stuff, but Barth isn't in the city pension system.

  3. There are dozens of sins the council needs be held accountable for.