Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bilbray votes to extend PATRIOT Act

Obama wants it, Republicans want it... the PATRIOT Act is bipartisanship at its finest.

The PATRIOT Act was up for a 9-month extension yesterday. It required 290 votes to pass because it was under special "suspension" rules.

The bill got a huge majority, but failed to meet the 290 vote hurdle largely because of Democrats voting "No." But the Democrats aren't voting "No" on principle. They're voting "No" because they want to extend the PATRIOT Act for even longer, so they won't have to have an inconvenient PATRIOT Act vote before the next election.

Roll call is here.


  1. The Patriot Act is an unAmerican assault on civil rights of the citizens. Cloaked as an anti-terrorist act, it is really the erosion of domestic rights of due process and privacy. These politicans are the new brown shirts, who don't trust their own constituents to act reasonably. Seig Heil Congress - Herald the advent of the Police State!

  2. People who have not read the 1st ant 4th amendment to the constitution would be the only ones to extend the Patriot Act. Forget the fact that those very same people has sworn to uphold the constitution! Bilbray, the public will not forget your vote when you are up for re-election in two years.