Friday, February 11, 2011

Scott Bottolfson gets 5 years in prison

An Encinitas man who defrauded 30 people - mostly friends and family members - out of nearly $7 million through a 10-year investment scam was sentenced Friday to five years in federal prison.

Scott Bottolfson, 56, pleaded guilty last Nov. 30 to a single count of wire fraud. He apologized to his victims in a hearing today before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller.

On the same day, IndyMac's Michael Perry gets a slap-on-the-wrist civil charge for a much, much bigger fraud.

There are two kinds of justice: justice for the rich and politically connected, and justice for the little people.


  1. The American Dream begins to dissipate. Seems like leaders and corporate types the world over are into wealth acquistion by any means. Pay off the right people and you walk. There could come a time where America crumbles to the level of Eqypt - the people in the streets demanding real change, not lip service.

  2. Dalager should have spent some time in the slammer.