Thursday, February 10, 2011

Encinitas' $100,000 Club: Don Heiser, Talmadge Tufts, Darlene Hill, and Robert Romero

Cal Pension Reform has a database of retired government workers pulling in pensions of $100,000 or more. Surprisingly, Encinitas already has four of these winners of a life of luxury and leisure:
HEISER, DONALD$12,021.51$144,258.12ENCINITAS
HILL, DARLENE$8,433.21$101,198.52ENCINITAS
ROMERO, ROBERT$8,425.96$101,111.52ENCINITAS
TUFTS, TALMADGE$9,605.67$115,268.04ENCINITAS

I say "surprisingly," because Encinitas as a relatively young city has a relatively young work force. And the Stocks-Houlihan giant pension increase only passed a few years ago. We are going to face a pension tsunami of city employees cashing out at 55 and living lives of luxury on our dime for decades.

I would think Phil Cotton would be over $100,000 too, but he may hot have retired in time to get into this database.


  1. What positions did these people hold?

  2. Don Heiser was fire chief (fat guy here).

    Darlene Hill apparently was the manager, but not the director, of the finance department. You notice how they create multiple managerial levels so they can have multiple people collecting fat pensions for doing the same thing?

    Robert Romero: good question. What the Hell did he do for Encinitas that merits $100K for life? Is he the 1990s version of Robert Rizzo?

    Talmadge Tufts: same thing. Any old-timers ever hear of him?

  3. Tufts and Romero are retired firemen.

  4. These bloated, excessive pensions are obscene. Nearly half a million per year for 4 people! Reforms are not only necessary, but crucial to maintain solvency.

    What does the convicted crook Dalager pull down? Pensions and benefits should be rescinded if there is malfeasance while in office. The public coffer is bleeding to death.

  5. My pal just told me that 3 of the 4 will have to stand up in front of a Civic committee and justify public spending. Will have an accountant see what funds the city can recoup/this is horrible-can't feed the homeless yet we can honor these REGULAR citizens with half a million

  6. Anon,

    Please send more info about the civic committee.

    My understanding is these people are entitled to sit back and collect the money and don't have to do jack or talk to anyone.

  7. Talmadge was fighting fires 26 years ago when I met him.