Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stocks pitched hybrid puff piece to Logan Jenkins

Really? Jerome Stocks has nothing better to do than push self-aggrandizing stories to the local media? And he's got no accomplishments more boastworthy than driving a hybrid?

In today's U-T, Logan Jenkins admits that his silly "Stocks and Gaspar drive hybrids" story was spoon-fed to him by Jerome Stocks, who presumably wants to divert attention from real Encinitas news including Dan Dalager's guilty plea and Stocks' own approval of pension-spiking unearned pay for Phil Cotton.

Stocks may also want to divert attention from the growing state and national news on outrageous public employee union pensions, as he voted in 2005 to boost city worker pensions by 35%, meaning city employees will be able to retire at 55 and collect decades of high-five-figure or low-six-figure pay.


  1. I want o see a taxpayer revolt at city hall, NOW!!!
    Shut down the GOVT!!! Shut down city of Encinitas!!

    Bang your pots!!!

  2. Login Jenkins also minimized the scandal involving Dalager early on; only later did Jenkins sound more resolute about the ethics involving public servants, once it became evident that Dalager had violated the tenants of his office. This recent fluff piece about hybrid cars is ridiculous and makes Jenkins look foolish. Government is serious business these days - report pertinent facts.