Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SD Reader follow-up on Olivenhain drug house fire

San Diego Reader:
Neighbors who reported the house fire told authorities they saw a man, later identified as Jeremy Henry, 39, at a second-story window screaming for help. The man broke the window and climbed down with help from neighbors.

“He stated there was another person in the house to responding firefighters, before he was taken to a local hospital for treatment,” the medical examiner reported. Fire-department personnel attempted a rescue but were repelled by heavy smoke and fire.

“[Henry] said there was thick smoke and he could not see his hand in front of his face,” read the report. Bed posts blocked some of the windows, which made it “difficult,” and smoke alarms in the house were “inoperable,” the survivor reportedly stated.

Henry told authorities that Black was the only other person in the home. “He told deputy Backouris that he and the decedent had gone to sleep in the master bedroom on the second floor. He was awakened by black smoke filling the room and woke Shelby. He was able to find the window and broke it. He thought Shelby was right behind him when he went through the window,” according to the report. The woman’s body was found directly under the escape window.


  1. The acrid, toxic searing smoke will incapacitate a person almost immediately.

  2. Sounds like we are wasting money on that hook and ladder.

    1. 8:28 PM What a jackass.

    2. The jackass is the loser that suggested buying that huge hook and ladder truck. More poor Encinitas financial decisions.

    3. They were planning for 5-story buildings. Prop A put a wrench in that plan, but it could be back with next year's upzoning initiative. Stay tuned!

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  5. .... and the colored girls sing: