Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7/20/16 City Council meeting open thread

The current city council has continued prior councils' practice of not providing written summary minutes of council discussion, but only "action minutes" which state the outcomes. Encinitas Undercover will provide a forum for observers to record what occurs at each council meeting.

Please use the comments to record your observations.

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  1. Dear No on the RailTrail folks, please let us know if there is an alternative to contacting your group, other than using FaceBook. It would helpful to some of us that refuse to use that site for our own reasons.

    As you have learned the hard way recently, trusting any of our current council members is a gamble. Your successful activism is so needed around here and your group could have a definitive impact on any future make up of our council that is long overdue and so needed by, not only your group, but the rest of our precious community.

    Help us and yourselves. You have shown a promising way forward to achieve the change that is desperately needed. Many of our hopes have been energized by your groups effectiveness.

    Every neighborhood needs the same awareness for us all to reclaim our town from those who will not defend us when it is most needed.

    A recent post about Ask Any Candidate welcomes more questions along that line. Sadly, none of the declared candidates or potential candidates can answer those questions honestly. We already know where they stand. That should be a litmus test for all candidates. We have had enough of the 'Up Yours Encinitas mindset from our current and prospective candidates. Enough is more than enough of the current state of affairs at our city. We deserve better and should demand it with our votes.