Monday, November 4, 2019

Mayor's husband rejected for bike coalition board after advocating removal of bike lanes

Last month, the mayor's husband, Jeremy Blakespear, spoke at city council to support his wife's action to take away bike lanes on 101 in Cardiff, forcing cyclists to choose between a pedestrian zone and a single high-speed car lane.

No surprise then, SD Reader:
After being approached by a few Bicycle Coalition members, he threw his hat into the ring to serve on the organization’s board of directors, made up of cycling clubs around the county.

On October 23, of the six candidates up for appointment, only Blakespear was not approved for the board. “I felt attacked for advocating good protected bike lanes, said Blakespear.

“I immediately left the meeting and resigned the next day.”


  1. Since both husband and wife are at odds and feuding with the cycling community, we are left to speculate which one of them made this decision, and which is burning bridges just to support the other.

  2. Jeremy Blakespear in Friday's Coast News Opinion section:

    He called himself "well spoken," then repeated his attack against those who disagreed with him, calling them "narrow, self-interested and shortsighted."

    He made the same belligerent comments at City Hall when the Cardiff road reconfiguration/bicycle item was heard recently. Despite audible boos from the audience, the Mayor beamed proudly throughout his rant.

  3. Consider changing the headline to a more appropriate, "The Mayor and husband are Rejects!"