Tuesday, April 12, 2011

101 Killer turns himself in

Joseph Ricardo Fernandez of Carlsbad turned himself in to authorities:
Sheriff's Sgt. Mark O'Connor said the 46-year-old man came forward Monday to report that he believed he might have been involved in the recent traffic accident in the Leucadia area.

Detectives interviewed the man and inspected his Dodge Ram 1500, which matched descriptions -- including front-end damage.

As we suspected, the killer was a Carlsbad resident heading home from Encinitas, but apparently just a drunk rather than a psycho targeting bicyclists. The driver who ran down Heath Bernstein is still at large.

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  1. I yi yi! Too much cerveza for Jose! Leaving the scene will not go well for him, but voluntarily turning himself in will. Drinking and driving never is advisable.