Friday, April 8, 2011

Barth making progress on pensions

From her e-mail newsletter:
UT Editorial: Pension fixes: Local cities must push on
The Mayor and City Manager have finally agreed to my request for an agenda item to discuss pension options.

I also spoke with the City Attorney about the Mayor's comments that it should be a closed session discussion. The City Attorney agreed with me that an informational discussion should be held during a regular council meeting. Only actual labor negotiations can be discussed in closed session. No date yet for the discussion.

"No date yet for the discussion" is the caveat. The council appears to have ditched the 60-day rule which means they can still ignore minority issues forever.

Whether you're a Barth fan or not, I recommend Barth's e-mail for both political news and fun stuff around town. You can sign up at


  1. I second the recommendation to sign up for Barth's newsletter. She is the only council member doing this. She includes a lot of links to articles. You can choose to read or ignore.

    I too am concerned that the council majority chose to deep-six the 60-day rule. However, I think that the pension issue has gained so much momentum that Jerome Stocks won't be able to ignore the issue much longer. He's boxed into a corner on this one.

  2. Thanks for recommending my newsletter. Teresa