Friday, April 22, 2011

Bonnie Dumanis running as union - good ole boy candidate for SD mayor

Just months after cutting fellow good ole boy Dan Dalager loose with a slap on the wrist, DA Bonnie Dumanis has announced her candidacy for San Diego mayor.

And just like Dalager, Dumanis opposes pension reform.


  1. carpet munchers unite!

  2. Will she be inaugurated in a butch bar in Hillcrest?

  3. That's MR. Dumanis to you!

  4. Thank you from the NOT DUMANIS Facebook page. As one of the administrators of that exalted group of concerned citizens united against Bonnie Dumanis, I know I speak for many when I say THANK YOU to the astute Encinitas scribes who see through the D.A.'s immorality and protection of the rich and well-connected (i.e. labor unions.)

    Many of our members are medical marijuana patients who have been persecuted by D.A. jackals & jack-booted thugs of Bonnie's. A few people, such as myself, have just been recipients of the incompetence and heavy-handedness of this ambitious lesbian scourge and affront to decency and justice.

    Nevertheless, NOT DUMANIS Facebook group page would welcome new members and we extend that invitation to out wonderful Encintas friends.