Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dumanis finally gets around to charging hit-and-run driver

It's about time. Good thing he didn't run.
The suspected driver in a fatal Encinitas hit-and-run crash who was arrested and then released has been re-arrested and will face a judge Wednesday, authorities said.

Joseph Ricardo Fernandez, 46, of Carlsbad was first arrested days after the April 10 crash. Authorities had to release him when prosecutors declined to press charges within a three-day holding limit.

Encinitas sheriff's deputies arrested him again on Monday, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Department records.

About 1 a.m. on April 10, a dark Dodge truck struck a bicyclist in the 1200 block of North Coast Highway and didn't stop, authorities said. The bicyclist, Jim Swarzman, 47, of Encino, died hours later at a hospital.


  1. This arrest is brought to you by dykes-on-bikes

  2. She wanted to conficate the leather outfit so she could wear it at the annual Nillcrest parade!

  3. What about Joshua,the pizza guy killed by the 16 year old at 101 and Athena on Jan 5 2007, still no charges against the kid doing 80 mph on 101.

    Atta boy Bonnie!!
    Err atta girl.

  4. Hey Dumanis - what about the $100K loan that Dalager took to cast a reciprocal council vote? Oh yea, bribery is not a crime by your standards. And you want to be Mayor of San Diego???

  5. Dumanis wants to be Mayor of Soddom and Gamorrah - where the gerbils squeek and feather boas are the official dress. She also grants amnesty to political crooks like Dalager, saying there is no evidence against him. Eat cake peasants! The reign of Dykies' Corruption is here!