Friday, April 29, 2011

San Diego's faithful make pilgrimage to the Surfing Guadalupe

If you've been near Encinitas' new public art this week, you've likely seen a crowd of visitors gathered around, marveling at the detail, taking pictures, and, for a moment, believing in magic.

That some talented artist and a clandestine band of conspirators would give such a gift to the people of Encinitas warms the heart of even the most confirmed cynic.

A letter in today's U-T comes from one who made the pilgrimage:

When I saw the beautiful photo of the “Madonna of the waves” (April 26), I climbed in the car and drove to Encinitas to see the original. This radiant glass mural was surrounded by admirers similarly inspired by the U-T article. “That is so Encinitas!” said one person. Another was wondering what sort of petition would be needed to keep the mural in place permanently. If it must be removed because it’s officially (if absurdly) determined as “defacing,” let us hope that it is placed where it can be appreciated by its many new and future fans.
-- David K. Jordan, La Jolla


  1. I've driven by a couple of times in the past two days and there's always a gathering of 4-7 people in front of the artwork. It was interesting to note the wide range of ages, from children to seniors.

  2. The assistant city manager is anal; so is Bond. They want it removed.

  3. The city will remove the art because it is not "sanctioned" by the permit Nazis. The only redeeming quality of the Cardiff Kook (who approved that??) is that it has become a constantly transfomative redesign by creative citizens. In and of itself, it is atrocious! The Tiki head at Swamis is really an amateurish rendering and will undoubtedly be vandalized by carvers over time, which could necessitate its removal.
    Let the Madonna stay - the alternate of a blank grey wall isn't so appealing anyway.

  4. Why in the community of Bario Logan in the City of San Diego is work like this preserved and protected by the city council because of its richness in culture, but in Encinitas, it is is deemed unacceptable? Look at it as an anonymous gift to the City.

  5. I have to agree! The art should be left alone. Whoever created it is very talented. It adds some beauty to the community and should be seen for what it is; art. Can’t the City of Encinitas spend more time on “real” issues?