Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy 60th Birthday Randy Kook


  1. WC this deserves its own thread so we can report back later but tonights planning commission meeting is hearing an appeal from the Leucadia Club for an alcohol permit. Also, three of the Beacons Beach homes are seeking a permit for who knows what. They are so tightly packed in there that there is no room to expand up or sideways. Maybe down?

    Thanks WC You are a treasure and we would all be much worse off without you. Feel free to edit as you see fit any of this and put it wherever you want and/or delete it altogether.

  2. Why would the city's posted agenda name the Beacons Beach Homes as on the agenda when in fact it was the W. Leucadia Blvd projects above the Leucadia Roadside Park?

    Both of the property owners are to be congratulated for working within our current zoning and saving the last Monterrey Cypress along the way.

    As for what happened with a certain commissioner voting against the residents and the property owners and changing the no parking rule along that narrow curving roadway, I will leave that to others.

    It makes one wonder if that wasn't some sort of recognition of the 101 Mainstreet scamstreet wishes for development since she and them are in bed together. Be aware, beware.