Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Jason Richards Kook

This is one of the more interesting recent birthday Kooks.  The Kook holds a bloody sword and the severed head of a USC personage.


  1. Regarding the Cardiff Kook:

    The poor Kook never had a chance. Having surfed for 53 years I know surfers are some of the most opinionated people in the world.

    When the Kook was erected, there was going to be an outcry from some faction of the surfing populace. Since the Kook had an effeminate stance it united all factions.

    How dare he not be Macho? Amazingly a miracle happened.

    The creative residents began decorating the Kook with elaborate settings ranging from Jurassic Park to a Giant Great White devouring him.

    The Kook became cool! Calendars and Facebook documented these endeavors.

    Sadly the Kook has gone full circle. Now he is trashed with balloons and ribbons announcing birthdays, homecomings and graduations relevant to nobody but a few misguided individuals. Sorry, I don’t care that Sally turned 7. I don’t know Sally, Tyler, Alex, etc. Also balloons are an ecological disaster. What’s next garage sale signs? Please leave the Kook alone unless you are going to go the extra mile and entertain the masses. Please leave your balloons and messages on your mailboxes.

    The Kook paid his dues, show some respect.

    Pat Steele,


    1. Wait a minute...a roofer calling kids helium balloons an ecological disaster? AND how many tube of disgarded Chem-filled caulking tubes have you left in our local landfills? And those asphalt long do they take to decompose? Get off the environmental fascists Kool Aid and try God or volunteering for an undeserved community instead of wasting your life pleasing yourself (surfing and maturbation are literally one in the's all about the natural high).

    2. I wonder if the artist who made this sculpture finds the repeated vandalism and mockery of his art "funny" or "cool"? Coastal North Co. just loves a village idiot to publicly humiliate for the entertainment of all, right? The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members. Nice reflection on how cultured the members of our community are..way to be everyone!

  2. The Kook knows no shame - which bathroom would the Kook use anyway?

  3. $150K in damages the Cardiff 101 Main Street group wants? Wow.

  4. 5:19- What are you talking about? The Kook is not the property of the Cardiff 101 Mainstreet group. It was purchased by a group of citizens and not all of them are in the Cardiff 101 Mainstreet group. If you are serious, I have to laugh if they think they are going to get anything. And, who are they going to get the 150K from?

  5. The letter writer makes some good points. I miss the wonderful, creative and elaborate installations. The Shark, Jurassic Park and others. I agree that everyone with a birthday message and balloon is getting old.
    As for I understand, the Cardiff group raised money,worked with a community group to design what would be there, hired an artist and created the statue. They gave the statue to the community, the city gave the land and the community raised money for the platform under the statue.
    Thank you.
    The copyright of the image was retained by those who created it. No worries, there.
    The problem appears to be that a private enterprise, (Kook Run), who was partners with the Cardiff group decided to dissolve the partnership and still use the copyrighted image to make money and promote his race using the image and not compensate the copyright holder for the use of the image.
    It is a fun race and the community loves it.
    It seems a shame that the race promoter chose this path.

    1. "The copyright of the image was retained by those who created it."

      Are you saying that the Cardiff 101 MSA created the image? Really?

      I see the problem as being a group that saw increasing value in a "license" that has one too many lawyers advising them..

      And what role did they play in the "partnership"? License holder/money collector. Check. Anything else? No? Hmm, hardly worth $150K.