Monday, June 27, 2016

Death in Encinitas Ranch

10 News:
The early morning death of a woman in a house along the Encinitas Ranch golf course was being investigated by the San Diego County Sheriff's Homicide Detail.

Paramedics responded to a house at [xxxx] Spanish Bay Court in the upscale neighborhood shortly after 2 a.m. Monday after a 911 call seeking medical aid for a woman in her late 40s, according to Lt. Kenneth Nelson.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene despite attempts by paramedics to revive her. Patrol deputies called in the homicide detail after they became suspicious about the circumstances surrounding her death, Nelson said.
The woman, who is tentatively identified and is from the North County, was a guest at the home and had a relationship with someone who lived there, Nelson said.
Fox 5:
A sheriff’s lieutenant told FOX 5 that the woman, who was 47 years old, was visiting friends at the large, two-story home. Her body showed no obvious injuries, but the death was considered suspicious, the lieutenant said.
This comes less than a year after the October 2015 Encinitas Ranch stabbing. We never found out what that was about, did we?

UPDATE: Victim identified as Yvonne Paquette, a jeweler and former San Dieguito and Sunset High School student.

UPDATE 2: Sources say a drug overdose due to drug use unbeknownst to residents.


  1. Oops! First call - my lawyer.

  2. Sherriffs department keeps all investigations in the dark. Remember the Teenage who killed the young Leucadian by slamming his souped up truck into Justin's car next too the panakin.

    Minor reporting on that incident and no follow-up on the finding of the DEA and what ever happened to the party liable for that senseless death. Wonder if that kid, no an adult is still terrorizing Encinitas by flying 80mph down the N.Coast Hwy101?

  3. We already know they will cover up the truth on this case.r.I.p..Yvonne...

  4. Overdose !! Another addict gone too early

    1. Yeah you jerk!

    2. Yes F. Off you jerk!

  5. Why would you say overdose!! Where you with her???

  6. Any update on the suspicious circumstances surrounding this young women's death? What are the home owner's comments? Who exactly called 911?

  7. Toxicology report results???

  8. It was murder! That man she was with is married and he drove her around in the back of his SUB while she had seizures. He waited till it got dark to bring her to his house. He did not want the neighbors to see. He was more concerned about his wife finding out then Yvonne's life. He got her out of the car and put her on his pet pigs carpet and pulled her to the laundry room. You know and I know that she did not want this. He failed to take her to the hospital and is guilty of manslaughter at least. My poor Yvonne.

  9. Margaret PaquetteApril 5, 2018 at 9:13 PM

    My poor sister