Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seaside Courier folds

Escondido Grapevine:
The monthly publication — which served coastal North County — did not print a December issue, and has no plans to print a January issue, according to T.K. Arnold, the paper’s lead contributing writer.

The publication’s website continues being updated periodically, Arnold said. The most recent online article was published on Dec. 28.

“The Courier has been closed down in terms of its publication since mid-December,” said Alice Jacobson, the newspaper’s owner and publisher.

Jacobson cited revenue problems and lack of advertising as the primary reasons that the paper has ceased print operations. Local businesses have to be particular with their advertising dollars, and may have found alternatives online and on social media, she added.

“Basically, Alice ran out of money,” Arnold said.


  1. What a shame. Not!

    No matter the writer, no matter the issue, the same compromised, bought off, philosophy ran thru every article.

    As a bird cage liner, it might be missed.

    I thought Gaspar Medical, $ssss$ Insurance, Harwood Properties, et al, would have kept it going and they did for much too long. Good riddance.

    What will those large full page ad sponsors do now? Move to the Advocate or the Coast News, I presume.

  2. I suspect this was less a business venture, and more of a way to circumvent local campaign contribution limits.

    Jacobson, Stocks, Meyer, Gaspar, & Co. were free to pour as much money as they wanted into the publication of editorials, columns, and slanted coverage that comes with the appearance of real unbiased journalism. And the contributions in the form of advertising spend were tax deductible as a business expense.

    Once the election was over, no need to continue the charade.

  3. It will not be missed.

  4. fyi, this is a North Coast Current story, shared by an Escondido paper; notice how Undercover continues to keep defunct Courier in its media list but not an Encinitas publication, then refers to an Escondido paper for that Encinitas story

  5. North Coast Current - are you kidding me! Encinitas Undercover or Encinitas Votes has more hits in 1 month than NCC does in 1 year.

  6. 11:55 point is proper credit for who wrote the story; Undercover claims Escondido Grapevine wrote this story; it didn't; Current published that story word for word before Grapevine took it and even Grapevine gave credit to the Current; hits or no hits give proper CREDIT

    1. I didn't claim anybody wrote the story. I provided a link to a news site.

      If you don't want your stories linked at other news sites, don't publish them on other news sites.

      As a matter of fact, the Escondido Grapevine showed up in my Google News feed, while the North Coast Current story didn't. If the North Coast Current wants people to find it, maybe it should get in Google News. Come to think of it, maybe not going dormant for weeks or months at a time would help retain readership too.

      I've linked North Coast Current many times in the past, and had it in the sidebar until it went completely dormant.

      Sheesh. Somebody's sensitive.

    2. So who is this new spunky blog owner certainly not the fellow from Youranus, Conneticut. Was there a sale of Encinitas Undercover or are you just covering the original owner. People see that you are indeed not him and much more chatty. What's up?

    3. 12:13 Right. As if the original owner got tired of the neighborhood. So much for the discerning.

  7. Who cares if this folded? It was nothing more than an irritant that I had to throw away. It had no value to me. If you want the news you need to find it on the internet and filter the bull**** out. The printed media are biased and slant their reporting to their political point of view. No different with this rag.

  8. Because it's on the Internet it's not slanted? Really?

  9. Greetings WC:

    I figured I should chime in since this is about the site I run. I think that poster's reaction is over the top, as well. I appreciate their loyalty, though. :-)

    You're right about getting into news feeds since I don't have the resources to pump out enough content to get in the line. I hope to change that, of course, but the financial model for news media is very challenging right now, as you've witnessed.

    Having content-sharing arrangements with other news sites like the Grapevine helps.

    You have always been good about sharing material from news outlets and giving them credit and the source link. Thank you for reading and sharing content when it's relevant to your readers here.

    All the best,
    North Coast Current

    1. Thanks Roman- love your work and hope to see more of it!

    2. & yeah, I can't get in Google News or make any money either!

  10. Thank you Roman. I enjoy the North Coast Current as well. I post it on Encinitas Votes whenever I can. You are also welcome to post it on Encinitas Votes anytime you wish, as long as it is related to Encinitas:) Thanks. Lorri Greene

  11. Thank you, Pollyanna Greene!