Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tipster: Mosca misrepresented his Sierra Madre past to Del Mar Times

One of the central complaints from Joe Mosca's former constituents is that he ran as a community character preservationist, and then voted pro-development.

From the Inbox:
Mosca tells a whopper in this article [Del Mar Times].
Mosca said many people were “under the impression that [he] was anti-growth,” but he did not label himself with a stance.

“To say you’re pro-development or anti-development really pigeon-holes you on the city council when you have responsibilities such as the [state-mandated] housing element and accommodating Regional Housing Need Allocation numbers and balancing that with property owners’ rights,” he said. 
Here is what he told the Pasadena Weekly in 2006.
Campaign motivation/issues: “I propose to solve the challenge of over-development by working closely with preservation groups to use preservation funds to purchase any open spaces that become available in our community to ensure that the open spaces will stay open and be held for the benefit of all the community. I also propose to change our zoning laws so that they represent our vision for our community and that they protect our vision to the fullest extent of the law. I do not want our community altered by high-density development projects or large buildings that do not fit into the fabric of our community."
Sound familiar?


  1. Double speak weasel language.

  2. Yup, sounds familiar because it true of several past and present Encinitas city council members.

    Mosca makes it one more.

  3. Where's the misrepresentation?

    Sounds like in 2007 he said conservation groups should buy some property to preserve it, and SM should do what it can within the limits of what's required under the law.


    As I understand it, Joe's betrayal was refusing to put a draft specific plan up for a public vote.


    Joe supported the public right to vote on a finished version. That pissed off the anti-growth crowd, because it would be easier to run a campaign against an incomplete and flawed draft than a final version.

    Either way, the specific plan was never implemented. The only explanation for a continued grudge is sour grapes from a guy who lost to Mosca.

  4. I hope you're getting paid for this 8:34, because the hack assholes writing the checks for your services really do deserve getting this badly screwed.

    Here's the big lie, typed slowly so you can follow along.

    What Joe told the DMT he said in 2006: "Mosca said many people were “under the impression that [he] was anti-growth,” but he did not label himself with a stance."

    What Joe actually told the voters in 2006: "I do not want our community altered by high-density development projects or large buildings that do not fit into the fabric of our community."

    The euphemism "anti-growth" is particularly hilarious, but only in a lying duplicitous scumbag kind of way.

    1. I'm definitely underpaid.

      Agree to disagree. I guess you think every draft should go to public vote.

    2. It doesn't matter of it was a draft or not. The DSP stunk to high heavens enough for the people of Sierra Madre put Measure V on the ballot and send it packing to the landfill. The end result being the LA County Dems cut Mosca loose for his failure, sent Pasadena City Councilman Chris Holden to the Assembly instead, and now Joe is all yours. Have fun, but remember, he's been well used already.

    3. Ah, the sour grapes guy in the flesh.

      Dude, go build something positive in your community. Plant a tree. Adopt a child.

      Measure your personal contribution on what you create, not what you destroy. That kind of negative energy will literally kill you.

    4. EU says:

      "One of the central complaints from Joe Mosca's former constituents is that. . ."

      Okay. Complaints from former constituents. So the "tipster" is the sour grapes guy.

      Dude, do you know how sad and impotent this crusade makes you look?

      I'm so sorry your life turned out this way.

  5. Mosca, the fly boy, is a bad call. A total talking bobble head.


  6. This is a non-story. His statements are not inconsistent, they only vary in tone.

    These Mosca articles and threads are tiresome.

    Enough already. Give him a chance to do the job. See how he votes. Then judge him.

  7. slow day if we have to argue about something that happened in another community, almost a decade ago.

  8. Mosca played the council! He has a dirty past that we didn't need to invest in - they're plenty of good candidate. Bruce for one! The council lost me as a supporter forever...

    1. Recall the majority and put Paul Gaspar and his buddies there instead! Paul and Phil got more votes than Tony Brandenburg, so they're the logical successors. Good luck with that!

  9. Mosa had a fundraiser at his home for the 3 who selected him. Please don't tell me you didn't see this coming!!!!

  10. Enough of Mr. Mosca.

    13 January Coast News has a letter from Doug Fiske, poo pooing the Streetscape project on page 4 and on Page 5 a story about Carlsbad Councilman Packard proposing moving forward with trenching the train tracks.
    Encinitas (No vision) VS Carlsbad (vision).

    1. The 1/13 commentary is not online at its own URL yet, but it's in the digital edition online. If you Google Fiske's name and go the the Coast News author archive, you'll find three commentaries he's written about trenching the tracks through Encinitas.

  11. Mosca has a long history of deceit and deception that is well documented. The fanboy above with his copious comments about the opportunistic Mosca won't change that. The appointment will come back to haunt the others on the council.

    1. LOL. "A long history of deceit and deception that is well documented". Or not. Like not at all.

    2. Deceit and deception.

      Two words meaning the same thing, with the same Middle English root word.

      This comment sponsored by the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

  12. Folks, Neighbors, Residents.... lend me your ears. Joe Mosca is your new council person. It's over, OVER, so please stop bitching about the fact your personal choice was not council's choice. As someone suggested above, let's give Mosca a chance. Let's see who he really is and what he does. We are not Sierra Madre any more than we are Huntington Beach so I give zero fucks about what some bitter rival in Sierra Madre thinks about Mosca. Time will tell if he is good or not but as for NOW, he is a decision maker. The lead in headline to this post is silly as it says nothing about what Mosca will do in Encinitas. If he fucks up, vote him out next year. But give the guy a chance... city council is a thankless job and our town is not better off by crucifying a council,an who has yet to cast a vote.

  13. Cmon people. Give the guy a break. You have judged and condemned without him making a single vote. Move on!

    1. Is this what you say to your Hillary friends?

  14. Agree that poor Mosca has been vilified here with little evidence he's done no more than what just about every other politician does: says the popular thing to get elected then does the devil's work once elected.

    1. That is what he did in Sierra Madre. Maybe it will be different here.

    2. What would lead anyone to think it will be different here? Mosca is himself, wherever he goes.

    3. One trick pony.

    4. Mosca wasn't elected - and the leopard doesn't change its spots. He is a carpet-bagging opportunist that smoozed his way past our gullible council by false flattery.

  15. I will never understand the faulty brain wiring that causes some to build an irrational emotional attachment to the notion that someone is evil based on hearsay ramblings from a sour grapes loser.

    What defect causes a person to assume the worst in others, and distort history to confirm the bias.

    "We know he's guilty, we just don't know of what. Yet."

    Here's a novel idea: Let's see what he does, first. And THEN form an opinion based on his actions and votes.

    I know. I know. Crazy, right?

    1. In Psychology 101, it's called projection.

    2. What is this "sour grapes" repeated posting?

      There is no "hearsay" with Joe, there are, however,multiple videos of him starring in the role of belligerent jerk. Joe made his history and it is he who distorts it by acting like it's ok to act out.

      Here's a novel idea: Believe your own eyes, but first take off your rose-colored glasses.

    3. Moscateers like to reduce everything to the personal.

    4. The ones getting personal are those attacking him for no good reason.

    5. So the ranting at residents and disrespecting the Mayor are "no good reason?"

      Did you write your post while standing on your head?

    6. 9:22,

      Why did the disrespected residents of Sierra Madre oust the mayor in the video and replace her with Mosca shortly after the council meeting in the video?

      No one seems to have an answer.

    7. How did Stocks remain in office so long? Same answer.

  16. The videos are real folks. Shall we all just pretend that this guy is just a regular guy that just happened to move to Encinitas and in 2 years managed to get onto a Commission and a working group that many people apply for and don't get either? Sort of like believing Trump is really a great guy and he is just misunderstood. Google he and his husband, and then see what you think. this blog often has pretty strange comments, so why don't you all check for yourself. It's all on the Internet, so you really don't have to believe anyone, including the Tattler or EU. I did and I was upset at what I saw. Maybe you won't be.

    1. How about posting the condemning URLs?

    2. What, again? They've been posted many times over.

      Read the first Mosca thread here or Google him. Don't be so lazy.

    3. 6:17 You're making the allegations. Show the undoctored evidence. The burden of proof is on you.

    4. "Undoctored?" Now you're making allegations even Mosca doesn't. Burden of proof's on you, pal.

  17. The videos were posted/spread by Joe's political opponents and are mostly devoid of context (e.g. some key moments have been edited out). If you really want to do the homework around the videos, then understand who is playing what role in Sierra Madre at the time all this went down - and the history before and after.

    1. Oh stop with the "context" nonsense. Bad behavior is bad behavior. History before/after don't change the fact that the dude goes apeshit when crossed.

      And we get it, there was bad blood between Joe and others in SM. The source of the videos is irrelevant. Bad behavior is bad behavior.

      Catherine helped him make his excuses last week in her rush to get him appointed. She put words in his mouth to smooth over his stumbling responses to Muir.

      The Mosca apologists cannot defend the indefensible no matter how many excuses they cook up. Bad behavior is still bad behavior.

    2. If it's that simple, then why did the good citizens of Sierra Madre reward bad behavior?

      And he didn't squeak by. He had coat tails. The sitting mayor and majority were tossed.

      How do you explain that?

    3. How do you explain his loss on Measure V?

    4. The same way you explain Stocks' relentless reelections. People don't pay attention. Once they wake up though, watch out.

    5. 6:30, so the only explanation any time the electorate disagrees with you is that they aren't paying attention? You think highly of yourself, don't you?

      Is it possible that the voters were paying attention, and they saw in that video a mayor encouraging an unfair hit job in a political opponent in a public meeting, and abusing her power by not enforcing the three minutes allowed to public speakers?

      Might that also explain why the voters kicked her and her allies out, and replaced them with Mosca and his slate?

    6. 1:22, I just want to make sure I understand your point.

      Your opinion is that the good people of Sierra Madre felt disrespected and offended by Joe Mosca's behavior in the video, so they responded by passing Measure V, tossing out the mayor, reelecting Mosca, and handing him more power by installing his slate in the majority?

      Have I got that right? It's a unique perspective, and one I admit I have not considered.

    7. Had Measure V been defeated downtown Sierra Madre would have been turned into a mixed use high density boondoggle. Joe Mosca was a key supporter of that, as were many of those who backed him politically. Some of them invested a lot of money into the DSP and lost their shirts. The people of Sierra Madre having denied them their development dreams at the polls. The irony here is that while Joe personally enjoyed political success in Sierra Madre, the things he needed to accomplish for his development backers did not. This lack of success eventually hindered his hopes of advancing politically, and when it became obvious that he was going nowhere he resigned his seat on the City Council and headed off for Europe. As I said previously, obtaining a City Council seat is not as stringent a political test as actually getting something done. Particularly a rather draconian development scheme. It is true that Joe got elected to the Sierra Madre City Council twice, but his failure to deliver on development resulted in that being a political a dead end. He resigned a year into his second term and despite the many promises he made to his many supporters, never returned.

    8. 8:58, Now I'm completely confused. I thought the argument being made was that Mosca shouldn't have been appointed here in Encinitas because he disrespected citizens and didn't live up to "preservationist" expectations.

      Now you're saying he's just plain ineffective.

      Aren't those two positions contradictory? If he's ineffective, then why should we care what his views are, because he doesn't have the ability to move them forward anyway? If he passed the preservationist litmus test, he'd still be ineffective on that side of the fence, right?

      Is he a conniving evil genius, or a complete dolt? Can't be both.

    9. You're being a bit narrow in your approach, fella. There is a big difference between somehow obtaining a city council seat and actually getting something meaningful done. If anything Joe is quickly becoming a useful lightning rod for those who oppose predatory stack and pack development. Much of which is supported by the San Diego Democratic political establishment for all of the obvious reasons, especially money. Also: read up on SB375 (Steinberg). You are going to be hearing a lot of that kind of nonsense over the next year or so. Did you know that mixed use high density housing is going to save the world from global warming? And get everyone to give up their cars and ride the bus? No, really!

    10. "If he's ineffective, then why should we care what his views are, because he doesn't have the ability to move them forward anyway?"

      Huh. I can think of 3 more council members who might fit that description. But don't people deserve better?

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  19. Poor Mayor Blakespear. She spends so much of her time on meetings that should be handled by the assistant city manager. Not a very productive schedule she follows. She spent two hours for a magazine interview and photos putting herself out in the public eye.
    Two hours with high school students. She can tell them to come to Council meetings for the real happenings and eliminate two hours there.
    It takes three hours to read the applications for the Council seat. She needs a speed reading class.

    Here she recites her terrible workload -

    How much time does it take to be the Mayor?

    People sometimes ask me how much of my time is invested in this job that I'm so honored to have. To honestly answer this question, I wrote down the hours I spent on Encinitas business this week and thought I'd share the results for transparency and to provide insight into issues that are top-of-mind.

    This week's city business time added up to over 40 hours (not counting driving related to the this job and occasional sleepless nights!). In addition to the stream of meetings and engagements, there are the many phone calls, chats in public while I'm out and about, and responses to emails that I couldn't find a way to include here.

    My personal time-management challenge is to create adequate mental space for reflection and synthesis. Like all of us, I can get caught up in the non-stop treadmill of small, individual tasks.

    My goal as Mayor is to unite sometimes-disparate factions behind common goals and then get to work accomplishing those goals. Right now, I’m completely absorbed by this and spend most of my waking time either directly working on the city’s business or thinking about how to improve the structure for better results.

    So here’s how your Encinitas Mayor spent her time this week:

    Saturday, 1/7/2017: 5 hours

    10-12 p.m.: Interview and photographs with reporter from Encinitas Magazine regarding the City of Encinitas.

    2-4 p.m.: End-of-Season recognition and Q&A with the San Dieguito Academy Speech and Debate Team. Inspiring group of students! (See photo below.)

    5-6 p.m.: Begin review of the 16 resumes and application materials for the open City Council seat. (Wow, are we blessed with talented, accomplished people in this city!)

    Sunday, 1/8/2017: 6 hours

    10-11:30 a.m.: Closely read the City Council Agenda in preparation for this week’s City Council meeting.

    12-1 p.m.: Lovely run on our beautiful Cardiff beach!

    3-5:30 p.m.: Attend gratitude reception for former Supervisor Dave Roberts at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

    8-10 p.m.: Further review the 16 applicants for City Council and check out some of their social media profiles.

    3:30-4:30 a.m.: Sleeplessly reflect and mull the weighty decision of appointing a fifth Council Member and compare the differences in the City Council applicants; begin drafting this week’s newsletter, which helps me synthesize.

  20. Part 2 of Mayor Blakespear's terrible workload -

    Monday, 1/9/2017: 9 hours and 30 minutes

    9-10 a.m.: Meeting at City Hall with an Environmental Commissioner regarding Community Choice Energy, short term vacation rental policy in Leucadia and stabilization of the bluff at Beacon’s Beach.

    10-11 a.m.: Meeting at City Hall with an Encinitas 101 Main Street Association board member regarding the failure of Measure T and next steps, the newly proposed brewery tasting rooms in downtown, and the preservation or removal of the downtown ficus trees.

    11-12 p.m.: Conference call with a representative from a bike-share company interested in discussing city-private partnership ideas.

    1-2:15 p.m.: City hall meetings to discuss city issues.

    2:15-4:30 p.m.: Respond to constituent email and phone calls; review, accept and reject invitations placed on my calendar; review upcoming regional events requiring RSVPs; coordination with Council secretary regarding the Mayor’s Homeless Challenge for the Point-in-Time Count (see my letter for more info).

    4:30-5:30 p.m.: Together with Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz, had a very positive meeting with former Escondido Council Member Jerry Harmon, the moderator suggested to help with the housing plan workshop on February 1. I remain hopeful of achieving a community-supported housing plan.

    8-10 p.m.: Review information, ideas and previous State-of-the-City speeches for my State-of-the-City presentation in March. Prepare for meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss same.

  21. Part 3 of Mayor Blakespear's terrible workload -

    Tuesday, 1/10/2017: 9 hours and 30 minutes

    8:30-9:30 a.m.: Yoga.

    10-10:30 a.m.: Phone call with a City Council candidate.

    11-12:30 p.m.: Tour of the Community Resource Center’s domestic violence shelter and discussion with board members regarding their upcoming facility plans. (The CRC does such important work in our community. I wanted to understand the intricacies of their services better.)

    12:30-1:30 p.m.: Lunch at Eve with a candidate for the open City Council seat. (Love this place!)

    2-3 p.m.: Meeting in Oceanside with the mayors of Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Oceanside to appoint a representative from the Coastal Cities to the Airport Authority.

    3:30-4 p.m.: Interview at City Hall with a candidate for the open City Council seat.

    4-5:30 p.m.: Weekly standing meeting with the City Manager to discuss upcoming city business.

    5:30-9 p.m.: Attend public meeting of the Coastal Mobility and Livability Working Group about planning in the rail corridor. Very helpful and clarifying for me to observe their deliberation.

    Wednesday, 1/11/2017: 10 hours and 15 minutes

    9-10 a.m.: Spin class at Rush Indoor Cycle Studio. On City Council days, I try to sweat it out before the nighttime meeting. Rush is an awesome new business owned by a local couple near Michael’s on El Camino Real.

    11-11:30: Phone call with City Council applicant.

    11:30-12 noon: Phone call with City Attorney.

    12-2 p.m.: Prepare my remarks for items to be presented at the City Council meeting; read the large number of endorsement emails we received from the public on the Council applicants.

    2-5 p.m.: Fill out required disclosure forms to serve in public office; review and sign Mayor’s certificates of recognition; discuss organization of ceremonial event for Electra Bike that evening; review and sign the weekly stack of checks for amounts over $10,000; review emails and printed materials re city business.

    5-6 p.m.: Closed session with City Council to discuss sensitive legal matters regarding pending litigation with the city attorney, risk manager, and other staff.

    6-9:15 p.m.: City Council meeting: Heard from 12 applicants, appointed Joe Mosca to fill the open seat, increased the Council salary per state law beginning in two years, set the year’s calendar and heard an update from the Sheriff’s captain on his budget.

    Thursday, 1/12/2017: 2 hours

    2:45-5 a.m.: Restlessly reflected on the City Council meeting and got out of bed to draft this week’s newsletter.

    10:30-11:30 a.m.: Encinitas Wastewater Facility meeting with general manager; receive a briefing on the structure of the board.

    11:30-1 p.m.: Practice law.

    1:30-2:30: Exercise.

    3-4 p.m.: Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the State of the City address in March.

    Friday, 1/13/2017: 1.5 hours

    9-10 a.m.: Hot yoga at CorePower Yoga

    11:30-2:00 p.m.: Practice law.

    2-3:30 p.m.: SANDAG meeting of the Coastal Cities (Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Escondido) to discuss appointments to committees. I am excited to be appointed to the transportation committee, which faces important decisions after the defeat of Measure A during the last election.

    3:30-5 p.m.: Practice law.

    (I try to consolidate meetings with City Hall constituents onto Monday and Tuesday, with overflow on Wednesday, and to leave Thursday and Friday for my estate planning legal practice. My coming SANDAG commitments will happen almost every Friday however, which will change the schedule. In between all this there's time with the kids and my family, preparing meals and keeping up the house. I know everyone's life is just as busy as mine and we're all working to make sure we maintain an appropriate balance that suits our needs.)

    At last Wednesday's City Council Meeting, representatives of the Electra Bicycle Company, headquartered in Encinitas, presented the city with four bikes for city staff to use to run errands around town instead of getting in their cars.

    1. Replacing Barnum and Bailey circus, watching Muir navigate the town on one of those will be more entertaining than the elephant act! He'd probably have to strap all 4 together tho. And $tock$ can come back as the creepy clown!

  22. From Joe Mosca with a little help from Jerome Stocks:
    In Sacramento @ League of CA Cities Conf. #fightingforencinitas
    8 8
    Jerome Stocks
    Jerome Stocks Respectfully Joe Mosca, you may find greater success if you advocate rather than fight for Encinitas. I found great success by helping others understand why Encinitas' needs / wants/ and goals were in their best interests too. But good luck.

    1. Jerome inventing reality, as usual. He "found great success" communicating developers' needs/wants/goals, not residents'.

      Mosca will no doubt follow suit, if past performance is any indicator.

      Here's where the Moscateers chime in.....

  23. http://www.thecoastnews.com/2017/01/19/an-open-challenge-to-encinitas-city-government/

  24. Why is Jerome even posting on Mosca's FB page? Mosca is an up and coming democrat, and Jerome is a right wing republican. First he congratulates Mosca, and not he is giving him advice. I am a but confused. Does Jerome think that Mosca doesn't know his history with our city, or does Jerome want back in the game and Mosca can provide an entry? Makes no sense. Muir and Andreen don't care much for Mosca and Stocks is congratulating him and sharing advice? This is where institutional history does play a role.

    1. $tock$ still thinks he is important. Someone please inform him that he isn't.

    2. Kiss of death.

      Notice Muir and Gaspar(s) have kept their Stocks ties on the down low. If they have lunch, it's in Temecula. And zero public social media contact.

      Stocks is rubbing his stink on Mosca, and you are falling for it.

    3. Mosca is a Judas goat - $tock$ is from a similar herd.

  25. 8:10am. Thomas Roger Ogden from down in Hillcrest or one of those neighborhoods, sounds like he has some latent tendencies of his own that he is dealing with.

    Why does he post his hate here in Encinitas? What does he hope to get out of it? I suppose any notice of his hate filled rantings must be his reward. There is a small mind at work there, a very small mind.

  26. Jerome $tock$. The grandfather of Encinitas' financial downfall.

    Does $tock$ still live in Encinitas or did he move in with his boy toy Assream in Oside?

  27. This blog is in fact operated by separate individuals. WC Varones is a psuedonym and it's pretty obvious that this blog was passed on to a new 'thought controller' a few months back with all this 'chatty Cathy' commentary by the new blog owner. JUST like the Encinitas Taxpayers Association, this 'institution' has been subverted by Cultural Marxists. Mark my words as you see the owner or manager of this blog start swinging left but it's not really about left or right, it's about a land of the free or a land controlled by socialism and Cultural Marxists. Last but not least. Socially engineered forced low income housing it the most socialist/Cultural Marxist move in our state why are none of you ever questioning the origins and 'state legislator-mandated edict? Understand 'Agenda 21' and that all of the City Council members are helping to create this 'environmental fascist and private property-destroying' UN control. Read smart and find the belly fire that has been programmed out of you to speak up, speak loudly and start helping Americans see the subversion that is rotting it from within. Here are two primers to get your juices flowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLqVjX-S9aM


    1. The only juices I see flowing are the ones coming out your sizzling turkey ass.

    2. too funny -

      Go watch hunger games a few more time and get all worked up.

  28. 9:56am is Thomas Roger Ogden again from down in San Diego posting on our local blog his right wing, tea party ignorance. Agenda 21? Give me a break. That was always a completely voluntary option and was never a mandated action by the UN.

    Why does he bother with us here? Does he post on other towns local blogs? Surely we can't be the only community he is targeting.

    Go away. Roger Ogden there is nothing for you here.