Thursday, June 2, 2011

City to waste more public money on futile legal appeal that public doesn't have a right to see public documents


First, what could possibly be in an old, draft report on road maintenance that the city is so terrified of the public seeing? Did they find Jimmy Hoffa's body under 101?

Second, did they not read Judge Timothy Casserly's ruling? He shredded their ridiculous argument that city workers should be shielded from public questions about public money. The Public Records Act is there for a reason!

While Glenn Sabine has apparently taken it upon himself to file an appeal, the council is meeting in a closed session tomorrow.

I hope Kristin Gaspar will honor her campaign promises about open government, break ranks with Jerome Stocks who seems to be on some Nixonian paranoid control trip, and put an end to this silliness.


  1. Glen Sabine needs to be sacked.

  2. Anon- they all need to be sacked!!!

  3. Did anyone ever consider that it is a conflict of interest for Sabine to keep coming back with appeals after he overwhelmingly loses cases the first time?

    Someone mentioned to me that he runs his bills through Sabine and Morrison. Wouldn't someone have to TRY to lose that often? Later, he can double bill the city by taking cases to court again. It is said to that people should pick their battles. Why is Sabine fighting for a spot in the public to show what losers he, Encinitas staff, and our majority council are? This case has absolutely no merrit, but Sabine and Morrison get to bill Encintias for more hours. Why not just release the records like the judge told them to do?