Friday, June 3, 2011

Tony Kranz calls for open hearing

From the inbox:

Dear City Council,

I'm writing to ask you to reconsider the need to go into Closed Session to discuss the appeal of the decision of Superior Court Judge Timothy Casserly in the Kevin Cummins vs. City of Encinitas case. The public deserves to hear your deliberations about whether to incur additional costs in an effort to deny the public access to public records.

If the City Attorney insists that something about the possible appeal must be discussed outside of public scrutiny, at least vote to open up afterwards and inform the public as to what your vote was and your rationale.

Here's a link that speaks to my request:

Thank you for your consideration.


Tony Kranz

Really, the public should be involved in whether public money should be used to keep the public in the dark about how public money is spent?

Respect my authoritah!


  1. Unfortunately, the consequence of Encinitas' incorporation is concentration of power in the hands of the ruling class. Can we secede now?

  2. One advantage of Encinitas' incorporation is that we can dump the low income housing in Leucadia.

  3. The current city council reminds me of a beleaguered Arab nation - Stocks is Gadafi, scurrying around to avoid the citizen activists' petition bombs. His rat henchman, the city attorneys, shore up the falterering barricades with legal renderings and writs on non-consequence. It is almost time for a recall - this obstinence to provide transparency is unbelievable!

  4. I thought that Tony was the one that administers beatings, not the other way 'round.

  5. Tony Kranz is knowledgeable about city politics, but lacks charisma. During the previous election cycle, he seemed terrorized at the public debates and did not work the room before or after the meetings. His campaign fizzled on the coattails of Barth - he needs an independent identity. He should be more visible and try to generate headlines to gain public awareness of his presence. Without that, he will never make public office.

  6. I have to disagree with you about Tony! For people who know him, he is well loved and trusted. Please don't confuse content with packaging. The other guys spend tons of money on coaching, image enhancement and promotion--with various levels of success. For a first try and for the budget that Tony had to work with, I think that he should feel proud.

    I am ready to start writing checks right now if Tony agrees to run again. We have to support Tony and promote him so that voters stop going with plasticine images and slate mailers!