Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nancy Lee Ellis gets mercy

We've been following the sad tale of Nancy Lee Ellis, the woman who allegedly torched the car of a love rival in a late night drunken rage.

A few drinks can do a lot of damage. The fire spread to the carport, and then to the attached duplex where people were sleeping. Only by the grace of the Surfing Madonna (still a glimmer in Mark Patterson's eye) was nobody killed.

So arson of an inhabited dwelling is obviously a pretty serious crime. Nancy faced a serious risk of spending the rest of her life in prison.

But the Surfing Madonna smiled on Nancy once again. We're happy to report that she's reached a plea agreement where she'll get a two year sentence. She's already done one year in jail. With good time credits and California's prison overcrowding, she should be out in less than a year.


  1. Jerome Stocks and James Bond are bringing the Madonna to their Inquisition! (Gaspar the Jester is present).
    "GUILTY" they cry! Let us hear no more!
    She has appeared at no ones' bequest, and only WE decide on the visons of this city! To the rack with her and also those of gentle demeanor that saw fit to implore her presence!"

    Our tyrants voices are louder than the collective pleas of mercy from the citizens - democracy dies with the Madonna!

    When does the revolution begin?

  2. shes my ex wife..nut case