Friday, October 30, 2015

Surfer Kenny Mann found dead at Swami's

Fox 5:
Someone called the Sheriff's department around 5:10 a.m. after finding the body of a man in a wet suit face down on the beach next to a broken surfboard. Sheriff's deputies and paramedics were sent to the scene at the 1300 block of South Coast Highway 101. The man was pronounced dead around 5:40 a.m. Technicians from the county Medical Examiner's Office were also at the scene.

The surfer was not taken to the hospital. It was unclear what caused his death.

This week's high surf may have contributed to the man's death, Encinitas Lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles said.
Update: Surfer identified as Kenny Mann.


  1. There is a lifeguard tower there - apparently not manned.

  2. OK, I heard that this surfer is Kenny, who worked with JP at JP's dad's place, Moonlight Glass, years ago.

    A few details of his death were just broadcast on Channel 8 News; they are saying there is no identification, yet. But a few locals seem to know his identity.

    Rest in peace, Kenny. May you forever be surfing in waves of of clouds, rolling and shredding light fantastic in blue skies.

  3. Kenny and his classic cut back will be missed.

  4. Did he hit his head?

  5. RIP. Apparently worked at Moonlight Glassing for many year. 1973 graduate of San Dieguito.