Thursday, September 21, 2017

Amtrak drops Encinitas stop due to low ridership

Amtrak plans to cease its daily stops at the Carlsbad Poinsettia and Encinitas Coaster stations beginning Oct. 9, in part because of low ridership. Coaster service at the locations will be unaffected.

The two stops have the least riders of four North County locations where Amtrak initiated service four years ago, according to numbers provided by the LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency, which oversees rail service between San Diego and the Central Coast city of San Luis Obispo.


  1. W-w-wait - not enough riders taking public transport? That's awesome news for the anti-overdevelopment crowd! Developers who depend on pointing to "being near transit" to excuse their stack n'pack so-called affordable housing monstrosities can't rely on the transit excuse anymore.

    Wot now, Tasha, Catherine, Tony, and Joe? What excuse will you use next for pushing super high-density projects on us?

    Lisa and Teresa still pushing from behind the scenes, how's your sustainability model going to function with no major public transportation to support your story?


  2. Surprised! The train that almost goes to downtown but stops running to early to be of any use anyways. The train that goes right by the airport but doesn't stop. The train that goes right by the Del Mar track but doesn't stop. The tracks are in the right place but useless as currently implemented. "Coaster service at the locations will be ineffective" is what was meant.

    We are rural, treated like we are rural by SANDAG, Cal Trans, and Amtrak but have to infill like a big city? Next time the city whines about HEU just remind them that if they didn't sell out to SANDAG and developers we would have been done years ago.

  3. SANDAG realignment will mean even less money for transit in north county.

    1. Yeah, why is Encinitas supporting the bill? Less board representation means less votes for road improvements and active transportation projects.

      Our vote was small as it was. How will this impact RHNA next time. Do you think SD is going to take on all of the RHNA. With more votes to SD, then more housing to us.

    2. Agree with 8:10 AM

  4. In the future we will have the train in the middle of the freeway and Encinitas will have three storied bldgs.

  5. If SANDOG, sic, won't help us lower the tracks, we should drop out. Screw them. The future population numbers that don't represent any kind of reality, and that we have to provide housing for, are a lie.

    I hope that next time they come out with the next round of unrealistic demands for future housing, our reps will show a little backbone and call them out. It is, and has been, too late to do anything about the last round of housing requirements they fisted upon us. Enough. Kick that SANDOG down, while they reeling from their recent failure to pass a tax plan on their members. Enough already.