Sunday, September 24, 2017

Orange County city chooses pension responsibility over trophy projects

Orange County Register:
Lake Forest is doing what many cities aspire to do — it’s paying off its unfunded pension liabilities. The move is estimated to save taxpayers $3.4 million in interest costs over 30 years.


But Lake Forest is lucky: The city possesses that rare combination of being relatively new, being relatively small and being a relatively wealthy city. That means its pension liabilities will remain small in comparison to larger and older cities. But that doesn’t mean that these obligations can’t grow beyond a manageable level — and fast.


  1. Lake Forest must be a perfect target for the shyster Malibu lawyer Shenckman, that is selectively persecuting communities into bending over for districting.

    As for his own Malibu environs, not a chance. He would be run out of town on a rail, if he pulled the crap that he is selectively foisting upon others.

    If every city in the state is not forced into districting like we are here, just where is the, dare I say, fairness?

    All is fair in love and war, ha, and no humor intended, whatsoever.

    Losing our sovereignty over this shysters manipulation of playing the states lack of specificity reminds one of how our planning dept. continues to allow developers to insert 'may' instead of 'shall' in certain development projects, like there is no difference. That aligns perfectly with what City stain Marks shyster lawyer claimed in open session at last weeks Planning Commission meeting.

    Roy Sepau, our new acting, acting indeed, Planning director, has been at the forefront of taking liberties with the intent of certain crucial terms that allow developers to take an unfair advantage.

    Years ago when Prop A community participation meetings were being held, Roy was the perfect soldier obeying the marching orders of Jeff Murphy in spreading lies about what would happen and what would not, if Prop A passed.

    Some attentive citizens called him and the others planners out at these meetings and had to educate the unknowing citizens who showed up to learn the truth and were not getting it from any of the planners that were selling them out.

    Round and round we go. Districting is happening. Lake Forest lookout. He may be coming your way next, if he hasn't already.

    1. You're not making any sense. Here are the facts:

      The median age in Lake Forest is 7% higher than California. In Lake Forest 67.56% of the population is Caucasian, 2.12% of the population is African American, and 15.12% of the population is Asian.

      - The Sculpin

  2. They won't be happy when there is a state bailout.