Friday, September 22, 2017

Knife-wielding burglar prowls Village Park

10 News:
A young woman says she chased an intruder from her Encinitas home. When she began the chase, she had no idead he was armed with a knife.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Maria Medvedev was reading a book in her home on Little Oaks Road. She was startled by the sound of the side gate opening. Then, she saw and heard a shadowy figure race out of her yard.

Medvedev took off after him and found him hiding behind a truck in the street. She says he tried to convince her he was a neighbor, then took out of a knife and approached her.


  1. Was he wearing a clown costume?

  2. He was looking for marijuana but he's about a month too early!

  3. It Mike Assream... marketing for East Chamber of Commerce.

  4. That does seem to fit that slimeball lowlife. He is a piece of work, and that is being kind. His New Encinitas Business network is just as much a shame as he is. Anyone who would associate themselves or their business with him deserves to called out and boycotted. This goes for his best buddy and partner in crime, figuratively and maybe literally too, Jerome.

  5. I meant sham, but heck, both are appropriate.