Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Finance, Development directors

City announcement:
The City of Encinitas has announced the hiring of Brenda Wisneski as its development services director. She will assume her role on Oct. 9.

This critical position oversees the engineering and planning divisions for the city, which are responsible for the following areas: capital improvement, inspections, traffic engineering, city planning, building and regulatory permits, housing resources, land development and code enforcement.

Wisneski comes to the City of Encinitas after serving as the Deputy Community Development Director for the City of Newport Beach. In total, she brings 26 years of city planning experience with her to Encinitas with previous roles working for San Clemente, Dana Point and Newport Beach municipalities.
Planning and engineering were two of the departments that had extremely contentious relations with residents, so change at the top is quite welcome.

Finance Director Tim Nash, who was also a Gus Vina hire but was free of the controversy and ill-will surrounding many of Vina's people, is retiring. An interim director will be appointed tonight.


  1. As Leo Durocher used to say, junk replaced by junk.

  2. The test will be how "staff" likes her. If they hate her, the citizens will know they're in good hands.

  3. It is tremendous that The City has hired a professional for such an important job / responsibility. The fact that she comes from Orange County makes one believe that she understands that residents are an important part of the calculation when considering projects. That written, shoddy, slap-dash builders such as Rincon are from San Clemente. Hopefully, Ms. Wisneski knows or has seen this sort of "build fast and break things" kind of developer and will hold them to higher standards than The City has in the past. Stop the City / Developer fist bumping and truly consider the interests of residents. Thank you very much!