Sunday, May 15, 2011

Andrew Audet on the city's disastrous library construction oversight

Coast News:

Encinitas residents are steamed the cooling system at the new library needs to be replaced costing more than $250,000 just three years after it was installed. With services to seniors cut and city fees increased, citizens descended on City Hall seeking answers for the waste of money.

Temperatures rose when residents demanded the names of those at City Hall responsible and called for “heads to roll.” Mayor Bond and Deputy Mayor Stocks refused to answer. While citizens sought accountability, the council members responded to staff’s report by spouting off accolades of praise. Rather than hold staff and themselves accountable, council gave a hall pass to those responsible for the failure. Elected officials sought political cover when leadership was needed.

Mayor Bond and Deputy Mayor Stocks spewed some hot air blaming the “shoddy work” of the contractor while ignoring the fact the city signed off on the project. Stocks oddly blamed the global recession for forcing the contractors out of business and strangely “applauded” the same staff who failed to do their jobs costing taxpayers a cool quarter million dollars.

Stocks has a history of giving praise when it is not merited. He endorsed and sang the praises of former Mayor Dalager who received a vote of no confidence from the public finishing last in the city election and later pleading guilty to the DA for violating the public trust.

City employee Bill Wilson said the library’s ventilation system often contradicts itself. The same could be said of staff and City Council. Rather than accept responsibility, Mayor Bond and Deputy Mayor Stocks are pointing the blame at a third party inspection company.

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  1. There should be an accounting of how the original contractors were chosen and who made the decision. Also, who inspected the work and signed off on it as complete. Aren't contractors bonded? If so, what became of any claim or had the statue of limitations expired or the contractorrs already gone bust? Something stinks to high heaven in the city and it is incompetence and self-serving greed.

  2. It is an incredible legacy that Encinitas voters have allowed the city council to serve special interests for so long. Both Bond and Stocks thought Dalager was being treated unfairly - both are stone silent now, since Dalager has plead guilty to malfeasance in office. Their standards are below par on all levels - and they still rule the council! Unbelievable!!