Monday, May 23, 2011

Penny wise, pound foolish

City council squabbles over $2000 for a 25th anniversary celebration while refusing to address outrageous pensions costing millions of dollars per year.

If the city founders had known we'd have a council this irresponsible, they would probably never have incorporated.


  1. More outrageous is the $1000 per day that the new city manager will receive. $1000 per day to sit at an aire conditioned desk and put your feet up.

    Are they no council people with any sense of decency?? Are they so immune to what taxpayers must do to earn a living that they have lost all common sense??

    It's time to raise up and fight back!!!

  2. Yes, this outrageous compensation is part of the pillaging of the public sector. As the average employee gets $50/hr, this guy gets 20X more! What magical talents does he bring to the mix? This guy is a paper shuffler, who is going to do the bidding of the triumphant, who serve the special interests.

  3. Can Encinitas de-incorporate???

  4. We have been asking that a lot lately in Olivenhain. It was actually better before...

    This is not to say that we don't love our beach neighbors. The residents in every part of Encintitas are wonderful.

    What can account for our level of leadership??

  5. As an Olivenhain resident and taxpayer I would agree with secession from Encinitas. At least we would get better EMS services. If we in Olivenhain could wiggle out of the pension liability prior to any acknowledgement of the real funding status that would be a plus also.