Monday, May 9, 2011

Hidden Encinitas

Congratulations to Ryan for winning the Where in Encinitas? photo contest. Patch would give you a prize, but around here you just get respect.

Encinitans pass by this phenomenal junkyard every day, but few even know it's there, right between Leucadia Liquor and La Especial Norte. This is prime real estate, west of 101 with retail frontage!

The new "Beacons" development behind Mozy Cafe will pack ten million-dollar homes onto a 1-acre lot directly overlooking the junkyard. How many slum units did theyhave to dump on Vulcan for that density bonus? An interest list is forming.


  1. Isn't there a code prohibiting such an accumulation of trash? It is a fire and potential health hazard. O yea, the city is too busy policing the Madonna under the bridge to attend to junk mountains.

  2. SO WHAT!! He's been here longer than most of you.

  3. He who? I was led to believe the property was bought a few years ago by a UCSD radiology professor who wanted to develop it.